Monday, September 3, 2012

This Weekend:

*I brought donuts into my sister's 6th grade class.
It was her BIRTHDAY {and bless her heart for teaching 6th grade!}
I brought an assortment from my very favorite local bakery {Bashas} and guess which one was the very FAVORITE among the pre-pubescents?

Yup....the bacon covered maple donuts.
Who'd have thought?!?

* I clean clean cleaned.

*Lunch date with Joe HERE.
We're becoming regulars {they know us by name now}.

* Friday night High School Football game.
My nephew plays in the drum line for the marching band so we like to go and support.
{'s hands down some of the best people watching around. Moms wearing things they shouldn't...teenagers doing things they shouldn''s always so entertaining!} kids LOVE being there.

The Coombs Crew - - Tori {Birthday girl & Sis} & Tyson {Drummer & Nephew}

Joe and London - - Carson doing his best BASHA BEAR impersonation

{I absolutely ADORED my high school years but you couldn't PAY me to go back.}

* Saturday slept in until 9:30. Without interruptions. {It was a weekend miracle!} Sadly, this was probably our last Saturday of sleeping in.  Fall sports for the boys start soon and we can pretty much kiss our leisurely Saturday morning's goodbye. Especially since the boys INSISTED on playing two different sports from each other. Sigh.

* Clean Clean Cleaned some more.
How do 2 somewhat CLEAN people produce such a NASTY bathroom?!?
And how does a family of 5 manage to have such a constantly messy house? 
Sometimes I wonder...why do I even BOTHER picking up?

* Joe took the kiddies swimming at the Basha Pool.

* Date night HERE.
{They have some of the best chips, salsa AND Diet Coke around}.
We hit an all time record.  We ate dinner at 4:30's that for the senior citizen crowd?? Too bad we're not older and I'd demand my discount!

* Uplifting-ness at church on Sunday.

* Made THESE for Sunday dinner.
Tip:  We threw ours on the grill for about 10 minutes before eating em and it gave them the perfect 'smokey' flavor.

* Ice-cream and visiting at Joe's cute parent's house.

*Kiddies got to stay up late in our bedroom watching the Disney channel.
I love the little things that make my kids excited!

Happy Labor Day!

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