Monday, September 10, 2012

This Weekend:

*It poured down rain on Friday.
It was PER-FECT!
It actually felt a tad bit like FALL.
{Yes...99 degrees IS the start of fall for us.}
We were GIDDY with EXCITEMENT for the 'nip' in the air.

* I made up some more loaves of THIS.

*Joe and I went out on date night for dinner HERE.
We LOVE this place.
We LOVE eating inside and ordering steak when the weather is HOT...
and we LOVE taking the kids when the weather is nice and eating outside.
{Tip: Bring your own stuff to roast marshmallows after dinner.}
It's really a FUN place!

*Dessert HERE.
Hands down, they have the BEST mint chocolate chip ice-cream EVER.

* Took some of my cute young women out to breakfast on Saturday morning.
They were being rewarded for accomplishing THIS challenge.
So proud of them. Such good examples they are.

*Helped out with a friend's Eagle Scout project at the church.

*Took the boys to a birthday party at 

How is it that the chins-iest prizes from all those tickets...excite them SO VERY MUCH?!?
They were on cloud 9.

* Chores and relaxing.
{I managed to fit in a 2 hour nap-a-roo}.

*Dinner and Ice-cream with the fam at 



*Sunday dinner at my mom and dad's.
My mom makes THE BEST pot roast and mashed potatoes ever.
No matter HOW HARD I try...mine will NEVER be as good as hers.

*We ended the weekend by Carson losing a tooth!

Doesn't get much better than that!!

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  1. I agree about your mom's pot roast, but I can't remember how she cooks it on the stove top. Isn't that the way she cooks it? I made a roast sunday and was thinking of her and cooking it that way