Monday, September 17, 2012

This weekend:

* Joe attended 'Donuts for Dudes' with the boys at their school.
We LOVE the kids' school.
Such a great place!

* One of my besties had a birthday.
We helped her celebrate with lunch at Joe's Farm Grill.
Her husband ordered a singing telegram {of sorts} to show up.

Needless to was a BIRTHDAY LUNCH to remember.

* We went over to some fun friends' house for PIZZA night.
Barros + Diet Coke + Homemade peach cobbler + lots o' laughs =
A Friday night FULL o' FUN.
Thanks Andersons for hosting.
{Courtney...I want your cobbler recipe!}

* Sports season for the boys has officially begun.

Carson had his first ever soccer game.
Grant had his first ever flag football game.

It's going to be a FUN {but BUSY!} season for this family!!

* Recipe/Dinner Club at another fun friend's house on Sat. night.
Thank you Damron's for hosting!!

The theme was NAVAJO night and we were treated to homemade Navajo tacos.
Not to mention: homemade black bean dip and yummy Oreo dessert.
{I'll post recipes soon.  They were Ah-MaZing!}

So fun to get together with our 'gang' and visit.
Sometimes we go weeks...months...without seeing each other and it's as if we've never even missed a beat! We love you Recipe Club-ers!!

* Churchey=church.
Taught THIS lesson to my sweet Laurels.

*3 hour Sunday afternoon nap.
It was un-interuppted and it.  was.  bliss.
Just what I needed.

* Crock Pot Beef Stew for dinner with biscuits.
{Another recipe I must share soon!}

* An hour full of AFV to end the weekend right.

We LOVE our WEEKENDS together as a FAMILY.
Wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. I love these posts, i think you have the funnest weekends ever!! oh and i want your friends cobbler recipe too ;)

  2. The recipe is called southern peach cobbler from For a 9x13 pan i once and a halfed the peaches, but doubled to cobbler topping part. And it goes without saying that good vanilla ice cream is a must. Glad you liked it. :)