Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I turned the big 3-4.
In some ways I feel exactly that old.
In other ways...I feel like I just graduated high school.

Regardless...I wouldn't change where I'm at in my life for anything else in the world.
So look good to me!

The day was celebrated with family, friends, shopping and LOTS of eating.
All of my FAVORITE things!

I woke up to a sweet little surprise on my doorstep... cute friends were at it again.
They know me so well! 

Joe and I piled the kids in the car and we headed out to breakfast.
My first FREE meal of the day.

It did not disappoint.
They have some of the very  best Diet Coke in town.

We snarfed down our food, picked up the babysitter and I dropped the fam off at home.

Next with my cute friend Jamie.
We hit some of my favorite joints...
Home Goods, Kirkland's, Designer Blvd...
sooooo nice to shop without kiddos.

Lunch was with some of my very favorite friends in the whole wide world.

My friends spoiled me...again...with a generous gift card to Hobby Lobby.
{I told you...they know me TOO WELL!}
Lots of laughs and good conversation.

Came home to my kids who had sucked ALL of the helium outta my balloons.
Oh boy.

5:30 rolled around and Joe and I were off to dinner.
{Yes...babysitter numero dos for the day}.
And yes...I told you...the day revolved around eating.

Gosh, I love this place.
Such yummy food with a unique atmosphere.

Joe and I shopped some more after dinner.
Most girls like diamonds and pearls as a gift. 
I wanted to go to Home Depot so Joe could buy the stuff needed to plant our winter grass.
{I kinda have a thing for super green grass}.  

And in HAVE to plant winter grass for this to happen.  Joe never looks forward to doing it. Ever. But...since it was my birthday...he conceded as it was my one and only wish.

We headed home, snuggled the kids, and I stayed up late watching

Just the way I like things.
Couldn't have been a more perfect day.


  1. sounds like a fun day! and how do u stay all slim when you eat out that much on one day.. my hero!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy 34!!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday -- love your blog, and yes, Joe's has some of the best diet coke in town..... I have never been for breakfast... that looks so yummy.