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Coombs Family Disneyland Tips Part I

We tend to go to Disneyland A LOT.
{I MIGHT be a little bit obsessed}.

Anytime we are asked to go to Sea World, Lego Land or even Knottsberry Farms...
I just can't bring myself to do it. 
I've decided that if I'M going to spend money for amusement in HAS to be at
 The Happiest Place on Earth.  It. Just. Does.

Each time we go...we come home with new tips n' tricks to share with others.
We've found that the MORE Disneyland tips n' tricks you know...the MORE you can enjoy it.  

So enjoy! And thank us later by...inviting us to Disneyland with you.
Or bringing us home a corndog.


We definitely have some VERY FAVORITES that are always a MUST when we visit.
{Corn Dogs...being one of them...which I failed to photograph. Probably because I was too busy snarfing it down without taking breaths.  HANDS DOWN the best corn dogs EVER.  Bite the bullet and pay the $7 for em.  THEY ARE WORTH IT!}

1. Gibson Girl Ice-Ceram Parlor.
Oh my YUMMY ice-cream.
The Mint Chocolate Chip sundae is my favorite.  And they LOAD on the ice-cream.  It is literally like tasting a piece of heaven.

2. Flo's V8 Cafe.
This is a NEW find for us.  
It's located in Cars Land {more on that to come} and was absolutely DELICIOUS!
It's decked out to resemble the 50's era and if you sit facing the Radiator Springs ride, you have an AWESOME view!

We were there for Breakfast and I ordered the All American meal: scrambled eggs, to die for potatoes, bacon and a biscuit.  
Joe ordered an AMAZING chicken and egg tamale platter.  It was beyond description it was SO good. 

The boys ordered waffles {and chowed down every last bite} and
 London had the fresh fruit platter with yogurt and a blueberry muffin.  

We will DEFINITELY be going back to try dinner during our next visit.

This place is a MUST for any family with boys that are into sports.
We hit it EVERY time we are there.
It's located in Downtown Disney and EVERYTHING we've EVER tried there has been a hit.
It's a noisy joint - - think HUGE TV screens ALL AROUND with sports fans cheering on their favorite teams.  But IT IS FUN!!!

4. Bread Bowls
You can actually find these at a couple of different places throughout the two parks...
New Orleans Square in Disneyland and 
at The Pier in California Adventure.

The soup is dee-lish...especially on a cool evening at dusk {which we had none of this last time as the temps reached 100 degrees!!! In October!!!}

My favorite's are the Clam Chowder and Cheddar Broccoli.  The bread bowl itself is equally as divine.

Other Food Favorites include:

* Taste Pilot's Grill
This one is located RIGHT NEXT to Soarin' Over California.  We got our fast passes to there and then ate lunch while we waited.  Joe and I split the Ribs basket and it was  YUMMY!!!

 *Main Street Bakery
They have TO DIE FOR chocolate chip cookies and snicker doodles.
And pumpkin muffins.

*Pizza Port
We LOVE their pizza and their chicken alfredo pasta.


We have been anticipating this new section of California Adventure since they started construction on it YEARS ago.
In went FAR BEYOND our expectations.

We LOVED it!!!

They have designed it to literally make you feel as if you are taking a walk right through the 'Cars' movie itself.

It is brilliant!!!

There are THREE rides in Cars Land:

Luigi's Flying Tires
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
Radiator Springs Racers

They are ALL fun but Radiator Springs Racers is hands down the best!
{Warning: Your kiddies have to be 40" to ride it}.

Here's the deal on this ride.  It is ALWAYS the LONGEST line EVER.  
{We're talking like an hour and a  half to two hours.  And who has time to wait in THAT?}
You MUST go RIGHT WHEN THE PARK OPENS to the fast pass line which is located right by It's a Bugs Life.  Wait in that {probably for at least 20 minutes} and you'll get a fass pass to return later that day. YOU MUST GO AS SOON AS IT OPENS.  Joe went and got ours for us and to show you how busy it gets....our fast pass return wasn't until 6:30 that night.  


Other Cars Land tips:

* They have Lighting McQueen and Mater cruising thru the streets at different times.  
They are LARGE and very fun to watch.

* The low riding car from the movie {can't remember the name} does a 'Dance Party' at different times throughout the day with everyone.  Great music and LOTS of fun!

* You HAVE to stop at the Cozy Cone Motel.

My one and only souvenir.
I promise I've never been more excited to purchase something there.
32 ounces of the BEST Diet Coke in the COOLEST CONE CUP ever.
It was pretty much a no brainer for me.

The 'Motel' has 4 different cone shaped eateries set up...each serving their 'snack' in.... you guessed it...
a cone.
We tried the pretzel bites and I'm not gonna lie...they were the best pretzels ever.

* If you like the Tea Cups {it's my favorite ride!} then you'll LOVE Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.
We rode it multiple times.

PART 2 of our Coombs Family Disneyland Tips series coming SOON...

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  1. Awesome! I'm in your moms ward and got the link to your blog from a friend. Love your tips! We are going next Tuesday. can't wait for more tips!