Saturday, October 6, 2012

Disneyland Tips Part 2.

Halloween Time

If you haven't been to Disneyland during the Halloween season MUST add it as a TO DO on your Bucket List. {Visiting at CHRISTMAS TIME is on MY Bucket List}.

There is something truly MAGICAL about walking down Main Street USA with things all decked out in fall and Halloween attire.  The shop windows alone are enough to make me drool.

{I've decided that my ultimate DREAM job would be to decorate Disneyland for all of the different holidays. Ya know...since I'm a tad holiday obsessed.}

Not to mention the orange flowers and orange bunting all throughout the park.

If you DO visit at Halloween are few things you should know:

* They have a few select rides all decked out with the Halloween Theme.
Space Mountain becomes Ghost Galaxy and IT. IS. AWESOME.

* You HAVE to participate in Mickey's Trick Or Treat Party.

This requires an EXTRA ticket that is best to purchase in advance. {This save $10}.
If you plan to attend the 'Party'....don't use up one of your regular attendance Park Hopper days for THIS day.  By purchasing the Party are allowed to enter into the park at 3:00.  The Party starts at 6:00 and the park stays open until 11:00 for ticket holders only.

Kids get to dress up in their Halloween costumes and TRICK OR TREAT at stations ALL throughout the park ALL NIGHT LONG.  

And they literally get loaded up with candy...

The lines to the rides are PERFECT...little to NO WAIT on ALL of them.

And what kid wouldn't LOVE to ride rides while sporting their Halloween costumes?
My kids were ecstatic!

They also have a Halloween Masquerade Parade that night AND the most spectacular SPOOKY fireworks display I've ever seen.

This has become one of our very favorite traditions and my kids talk about it ALL YEAR LONG.

Just be careful.... ya never know who may be watching you.....


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