Saturday, October 6, 2012

Disneyland Tips Part 3.

The last and final part of our DISNEYLAND TIPS series is somewhat of a mod-podge.
Random...but useful tips you MIGHT wanna know. 
Here goes:

* The magic height for kids is 40".
If your kids are this height...they can ride ALMOST everything...not including 
Indiana Jones or Screamin' over California.
{These are both 48" rides}.

* It's fun to wear matching shirts. Or at least...have all your kids do it.

This time we went with a 'Mickey' theme on the first day.

You can find cute Disney themed shirts at Target or Wal-mart for cheap.
I SCORED this last time at Wal-mart with a shirt for London that had Mickey and Minnie, a British flag and 'London Rocks' on it.  I was stoked!!

*The parks let you bring in your own snacks and drinks.
We always load up our strollers with lots of water, juice boxes, crackers and cookies. 
These are GREAT to have on hand for hungry kids who have to wait in lines.

Perhaps you should FORGET to bring your treats in line?
Your child will look somewhat like this...

And this is a crusty look you just DON'T wanna mess with.

* The Pixar Parade over at California Adventure is a MUST.

It is hands down my very favorite parade that Disney puts on.
They have floats for Bugs Life, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo...pretty much ALL of them.
The special effects with this parade are AMAZING.
Don't miss it.

* When you ride the Ferris Wheel at Cali Adventure...
and you want a good laugh....

...make sure and wait in the line for the 'Swinging' carriages.  
Talk about FUN! 
It tickles your tummies and your kids facial expressions are priceless.

* The Jungle Cruise has FINALLY changed up their jokes.
It's true...after how many years?
We got a whole new shpeel this time around...and it was funny.
{But doesn't take much to amuse us!}

* The line for Toy Story Mania will always be AT LEAST a good half an hour.
Wait in it.  It is one of THE BEST.

* Wear your very most comfortable shoes.
I honestly don't get it when I see people walking around in their flimsy-est flip flops.
By the end of the day people...your feet will feel like they are literally ready to FALL OFF OF  your legs. I promise.
Put away your pride, care less about your appearance, and MORE about how comfortable you can be.

* Have an incentive for your kids to maintain good behavior throughout the trip.
Your kids will get tired.  And cranky. And sassy.  And you need something to motivate them to knock it all off. 

Here's what we've been doing..and it works like a charm...

On our drive UP to Disneyland...everyone starts out with $10. I have a notebook that I keep up by my seat and anytime someone:

Asks "Are We There Yet?" or "How Much Longer?"
Teases their siblings

they get a $ taken off of their total.  We carry this on throughout the first couple days of our visit in Disneyland.  Whatever they have LEFT on the very last day...they can spend in one of the Disneyland stores on whatever they'd like.  

They CAN earn $'s back with GOOD behavior, 
So the incentives just keep working...either way.

{We've also done this before where we've gotten $5 worth of quarters for each kid and put em each in separate ziploc baggies with their names on it.  I was in charge of the baggies and anytime someone did one of the above, I took out a quarter.}

All and All...Disneyland is pretty much the bomb-diggity.
We love it and we can't seem to get enough.

Even if it IS way too overpriced. 


  1. Great tips Marci. We go to Disney a lot too and the kids love it. I am definately using that good behavior money incentive idea. We are heading back in November before our Annual Pass expires. We had to leave early because it was extrememly crowded Sat. Word to the wise check and make sure there isn't a convention the weekend you are going like Gay Day. Good times.


  2. Please keep going to Disneyland. Often. For my sake. Your Disney posts are always my favorite!