Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Ideas.

Pinterest + Holidays = not such a good thing.
I become obsessed. Very. Obsessed.

I'm hosting a Halloween Dinner for our Young Women on Tuesday night.
I've been scouring Pinterest, of course, for ideas.
It's going to be frightfully fun.

Here are some of my favorite finds around Pinterest this week...
all things HALLOWEEN of course!

Mummy Cookie Bites ~ Be Different...Act Normal
Courtesy of The Recipe Critic via Be Different Act Normal

Zombie Boogers recipe.
Paper and Parcel
Zombie Boogers.  Need I say more?

PEEPS Fun Fall Fruit Cups
Love from the Oven

Fruit Cups + Ghost Peeps + Whipped Cream.

bugs and kisses
Tammy Mitchell
Bugs & Kisses.  Right up my alley.  She even gives you the FREE printable for your own use.

Love this!!! Buy little stickers at Michael's add candy corn, place in frame.
Liz's Paper Loft

I LOVE that she used stickers and candy corns in a shadow box. 
How cute would this look on a shelf?


  1. Those young women of yours are spoiled wrotten!

  2. As a heads up, I tried the zombie boogers today for my five-year-olds birthday party and they were a complete flop! Not sure what went wrong, but the sauce didn't double like it was suppose to and hardened the second it was out of the pan. So sad, because I thought they were awesome!


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