Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween soap.

Bath and Body Works has all of their Halloween style soap on sale right now for 50% off.
It makes em each just $2.75 a piece.  

I picked up a handful and gave some to the boys' teachers this morning.

Wrap em up with cellophane and a piece of ribbon and you've got yourself a cute little holiday-ish gift!


  1. oh Marci,
    I love love this!!!
    would you email me the printable?
    love it!!
    as i am sat here with my little Ethan barfing.. hate this time of year for that LOL

  2. Your kids teachers must just LOVE you!! I didn't even know they had Halloween soaps...such a darling idea!!

  3. You are so clever with your little sayings- Would love to make up a few of them and surprise our friends on Halloween. If you wouldn't mind sharing i would love a copy of your little printout. Thanks-

    P.S- here's a Halloween joke to share with your kids-Q. Why didn't Dracula have any friends?
    A. He was a pain in the neck!


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