Sunday, October 14, 2012

Truth and Virtue Lesson handout.

Today I had the privilege of teaching my sweet Young Women

I wanted the girls to remember the 2 questions to ask themselves when placed with a question or temptation in life.

Does it invite me to do good?
Will it strengthen my faith in Christ?

The Xtremes Sour candy were found at Albertsons....2 for $1.00.
You can download my handout for free HERE.


  1. Pretty sure you're my favorite.
    I've been out of the YW loop for a bit and I've missed seeing all your cute creative posts! But you're the first person I thought of- now that we need a fast YWIE idea! "Don't worry gals- Marci will save us! And make us look fabulous!"

  2. Not only do I love this idea, I love that there is minimal cost involved. No only will it bless a teen, it will also encourage them to follow truth and live victorious. I'm beginning a Share the Shelter linky party tomorrow. It's a take of of Samuel Colerige's poem, "Friendship is a Sheltering tree," and involves encouraging those around us. I'd be delighted if you would link this post. You're welcome to link of another of your choice, too.