Sunday, November 18, 2012

Courage To Try handout.

Today I taught my sweet Laurels...

We started out the lesson talking about Walt Disney.
{Remember...I'm sorta obsessed with Disneyland?}

I found a whole bunch of facts out about him and the rocky start that he got to his career.
{There were LOTS.  Things weren't so easy for him the first few go arounds}.
The one thing that prevailed was his COURAGE and BRAVERY
And NOW look at the empire he has created! 

We also talked about Esther and Gideon from the Old Testament and the huge amount of courage that THEY both needed to accomplish something BIG.

At the end of my lesson I talked about the Pixar movie Brave.
Merida {the main character} was a modern day movie hero of sorts and we talked about what she needed to do with her courage to save her kingdom.

Since BEARS were a common thing within the movie....
{think...her mom...and triplet brothers...}
I attached my handout to a tub of Teddy Grahams.

You can download this handout HERE.


  1. I'm the YW President in our ward as well, and I don't teach nearly as much as you do. How often do you teach on Sunday's? We always have our advisor teach and the presidency rotates the 1st Sunday of the month. Also, do you have any fun ideas for activities? We are trying to plan for next year and want some fun things the girls will enjoy coming to and doing.

  2. Me and my counselors ALWAYS teach the third Sunday of the month along with rotating on the 1st Sunday. I just happened to teach yesterday because my advisor needed to switch with me. We want our advisors and counselors to be more on an 'even' scale of things so that the advisors don't think....all I do is teach...and the counselors don't think....I'm always stuck doing mutual. We try and have everyone do a little bit of everything :) If that makes sense?

    1. "My counselors and I" is more appropriately worded.

  3. Such a cute handout and very appropriate. I think there should be a comma after "command" and small letter on "that."

  4. Just found you on Pinterest. LOVE your blog! Such cute ideas. But your About You along the side there was what got me ;)


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