Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday.

* Does it bother anyone else when the Target employees wear shirts in an off shade color of red?
Like say....a pinkish red?  Or an orange-ish red?
Instead of a true vibrant red?  
It's like they're going against everything Target believes in, no?

* Have you ever been to an amusement park, state fair, or Disneyland, when it is intensely hot outside, and seen other 'couples' showing extreme PDA? I'm all for passion but come on people.  It's sticky and gross can you be up for sweaty PDA?  It always baffles me.  Usually because I get stuck in line behind these very exact types of people.What are they trying to prove in that heat? 

* I consider the laundry to be a 'frenemy' of mine.
Part FRIEND but mostly ENEMY.

I LOVE having fresh smelling clean clothes.
But I HATE doing the actual laundry.

And is it just OUR household....or does every other household ALWAYS have dirty clothes in their hampers?  It never fails...just as I finish like my 8th load of laundry for the week....someone finds the need to put their smelly socks or dirty underwear in the hamper.  I feel like putting a sign on my hamper for the rest of the family that reads: your mom a favor and just wear your dirty underwear inside out for the day so that mom can feel the satisfaction of having an EMPTY hamper for MORE than 8 hours.   

Would that be so bad?

* Speaking of FRENEMIES...
I have such a love/hate relationship with Hobby Lobby.

LOVE everything inside of that store.
But HATE that they always only have like ONE cashier on duty.  At all times.
And what's up with them not having a bar code system?  Why do they always have to type everything in?  I strongly believe that this is the main reason they always have such LONG lines.
Does it stop my from shopping there? Of course not.

* Do you ever chew your kids out   speak loudly to your children, only to discover that your windows are open and the entire street can hear you telling your kids to brush the yellow off of their teeth or they don't get dessert? Just...hypothetically speaking.

Sure glad we're friends with our next door neighbors.  Would hate for them to think badly of me..{smile!}

* Do you ever send someone a text message and then get bugged that they haven't responded...only to discover that you haven't hit 'send' on the actual outgoing message? Or is that just me? And does anyone else ALWAYS get their i's and u's mixed up on the iphone keypad? So. Annoying.

* I'm all for hosting parties. And I'm all for pets.
 But the other day I saw an ad advertising a Holiday Party for your pets.
Ummmmm....???? What?
Are they going to drink egg nog and play pin the nose on Rudolph?

* The new Twilight movie comes out this weekend.
I am definitely NOT a twi-hard.
In fact, I laughed my way through the first book.
{I should also mention..that is the only book I could stand to read. And the only reason I read the entire first book was because everyone kept RAVING about it.  I kept TRYING to get to the GOOD parts...only to find that...there were NONE!} 

But that's besides the point.  Although I've NEVER seen a Twilight movie...I do find it somewhat disturbing that they cast Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Bella and Edward.

They look like they both need to take a shower.  And brush their teeth.  ALL the time.
Am I right?

* Loving THIS song. 

* Speaking of music...did you see when Bruno Mars hosted SNL this season?
It was hands down one of my very favorite episodes. 
He had Justin Timberlake like quality.
Hands down the funniest skit was THIS.


Day 6: I am thankful for Someburros and the fact that they serve breakfast burritos ALL day long. 

And not just for breakfast.

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