Monday, November 12, 2012

This Weekend:

...was just what the Dr. order.  Lots of R&R this weekend.
We soaked it in.

* Friday I spent the day with my cute friend Jamie getting pedi's {purple of course!}, going to lunch and shopping at Home Goods.

Have you tried Paradise Bakery's Chicken Stew? It is the bomb-diggity.
And have you checked out Home Goods' holiday deocr?  Oh my!

* Carson lost another tooth.

I may be biased BUT...I'm pretty sure he has the cutest toothless grin out there.

* Date night Friday night with fun friends HERE.
Their minestrone soup? Ah-MAzInG!
{And yes...I'm in a soup mood these days! We finally have cooler temps so it feels ok to indulge!}

*Saturday morning championship games.

We've got a little break until it all starts up again in January.

*Saturday afternoon naps.
London has been pretty sick.
Croupy cough + fever + sore throat.

*No church on Sunday because of sick kids.
{Grant got the cough was just a matter of time}.

We stayed in the entire day and it was rather nice.
Truly...a day of rest today.

We made cookies and watched Elf.
{2 of my very favorite ways to kick off the holiday season!}

Cleaned out a closet. And a cupboard. And napped some more.

*We capped the long weekend off by having breakfast at
The Hangar Cafe on Monday morning.

It was a HIT! Right in the middle of the Chandler can watch planes take off and land.
The food is EXTRA yummy!
We will definitely be back for more!

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