Monday, November 19, 2012

This Weekend:

* We had our family pictures taken.
It's always the most dreaded day of the year for Joe  us.
You never know what kind of a mood my 3 yahoos will be in.
Proud to was our easiest shoot yet.
Quick and painless.
Now...we just wait to see if any actually turned out.

Did you know my sister is a photographer?
She is.  And you can check out some of her work HERE.

* We were in the Mesa area so we dropped off the kiddos at Joe's parents house and went on a date.
Dinner HERE.
They may just be my new go-to place for green corn tamales.
{Is anyone else excited that it's officially TAMALE season here in AZ?}

* Slept in Saturday morning {bliss!} and then went out for donuts as a family to our very favorite donut joint.

Be still my beating heart.
Bosa donuts are THE BEST donuts in all of AZ.
{And you MUST go to their shop in Chandler.  It is WAY better than the one in Mesa. I promise}.

*Visited my dad in the hospital.
{Even though Carson thinks hospitals are creepy}.
Dad is home now and doing much better!
We are blessed.

* Stopped by the mall that afternoon.
BIG mistake.
I officially refuse to go to ANY shopping mall on ANY Saturday from here clear through Christmas.
It. Was. A. Zoo!!!!
I HATE shopping when it's packed.
{Unless of course it's Black Friday.  That is my exception!}

* Bike ride at sunset with my Cars-a-roo.
The weather here in Chandler is gorge-wah right now.
{That's fancy term for gorgeous in my book!}

So refreshing. So fun.

*Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.
{It's one of few meals where my kids will eat seconds and thirds}.

* Churchey Church.

* Relaxation in our jammies.

* Made pumpkin bread....sharing this recipe tomorrow!
It's delish!!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!


  1. I love your blog and appreciate all of your fun & creative ideas....I struggle and am creatively challenged. :) Thank you for sharing so many of your ideas, thoughts and activities with so many of us. I can't wait for your pumpkin bread recipe...I'm thinking this will make a great gift for my YW Presidency. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. Love your's a tip..... best tamales ever -- Carolina's in downtown Phoenix, it is in the ghetto -- only go during daylight. I sent my husband today for a dozen green corn -- yumm! Have you had them?


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