Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Weekend:

* We took the kiddos to see "Wreck it Ralph".
It. Was. Darling.
They insisted that we take my dad with us...since his name just happens to be....Ralph.
We all laughed our heads off.  Such a cute family flick.
John C. Reilly and Jack McBrayer were especially hilarious. 
Go see it!

* Dinner afterwards HERE
It's Joe's favorite place.
Me? Not so much. 

* Soccer Games and Football games.
The season comes to a close next weekend.
This little one has been her brothers' biggest cheerleader...

* Laundry, grocery shopping and tidying up.
I forgot how much I dislike grocery shopping on Saturdays. 
{I much prefer a week night after 8:00 pm.}

*Busted out the Thanksgiving decor around our house.
{You can see pics from last year HERE}.

* Saturday night Date Night with Joe.
Dinner HERE. I forgot how much I like that place.
A quick stop afterwards HERE
Which was really like a BIG deal seeing as how Joe would rather eat his own toenails than enter foot into that store. I begged and pleaded and he gave in. I was on the hunt for the finishing touches for my Evening in Excellence this week. {Pictures to come!}

And since we knew our kids still hadn't been put to bed after that...we headed to the mall for some more shopping.  Ended the night with some DQ blizzards and little SNL. My kind of night!

*Churchey Church.
My 1st counselor taught THIS very inspiring lesson.

* Fun friends over for Sunday night dinner.
My girlfriend made up a copycat version of Cafe Rio's chicken tortilla soup.  I am not kidding you when I say that it is TDF.
That recipe + the yummy pumpkin dessert I made will be posted later this week! 
I promise - you will want to try em both!


Day 4: I am thankful for 
Sunday afternoon naps.

Because it's the ONE TIME during the week that I can lay down and relax and not feel guilty about it.

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  1. ooohh we really need to move near each other, i am obsessed with Wreaths too!!
    I jut bought another one for christmas this week, in my livng room, ihave 4 windows in a row ( check out my christmas album on FB), i tihnk it shows you.. anyways, i want to out a wreath in each window... my hubby grew up with NO decor hardly, and holidays were not celebrated really.... he married the wrong girl, i'm all about it!!!