Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bowling Favors.

Having a child in the month of December is not the 'brightest' of ideas.
But then again...who really thinks about that stuff before the fact, right?

Our sweet little Grant turns 8 this month!
He has a birthday just 3 days BEFORE Christmas.

Every OTHER year, my children get to have a FRIEND party.
With Grant...we like to do it at the VERY beginning of December...before things get TOO crazy.

This year he picked to have a BOWLING extravaganza.

Here's my advice about throwing kids parties.
It's BEST to throw them away from home. No mess.  No clean up. No preparation really.
It. Is. Bliss.

All I needed to come up with were some party favors...
and I'm ALL for choosing favors that people are actually going to use/consume.

Not my fanciest of work, but for a group of 8 year fared just fine!

And according to was "the BEST day EVER!"
So that's all I needed to hear!

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