Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decor.

 I love DECORATING for the holidays about as much as I love
 ENTERTAINING during the holidays.

2 of my favorite things indeed!

Each year I try and add a new little something to my collection of decor.
Here's a peek at some of my favorite spots around our home.
{You can see my tree and other spots HERE.}

One of my very favorite things about our home is our front porch.  
I'm such a sucker for a good wreath.
{This one's from Hobby Lobby}.

I wanted to try something new this year and was inspired by THIS photo.
After a shopping trip to...you guessed it...Hobby Lobby...I came up with my own version.

Super simple really.
Everything was purchased for 50% off. 

All you need are:

3 decorative boxes {take lids off}
Wooden letters
White Spray paint
3 - 2 foot pre lit trees

Spray paint your letters to your liking..

And assemble! I hot glued the letters right onto the boxes and then placed the trees inside.

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  1. oh my heavens, those JOY boxes are sooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and how I love your damask candles, I think I have a bit of an obsession with damask, I think I can see it in every room in my house!!!

    it looks lovely!!!

  2. ps, i have an obsession with wreaths ( or so my husband thinks) I have 4 hanging inside my house LOL

  3. can you please come over and decorate our place??
    this is just too cute, everything looks so warm and Christmas-y and inviting! You do such a fantastic job and I'm way inspired!
    LOVE it!


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