Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Coombs Christmas Part 1.

I don't know about you but I always feel a tinge of depression the day after Christmas.
So much fun is always's a slight bit sad to realize that it's all actually over.

We had SUCH FUN over the Christmas holiday this year.
I felt a tad bit like we were on a whirlwind as we started the festivities out on 
Saturday with Grant's birthday and baptism.
 {An event which requires it's OWN post..coming soon}.

We carried on with the festivities on Sunday with Joe's side of the family at the annual 
Coombs Family Christmas party.

The tables were set to perfection and we dined on the traditional ham and potatoes dinner.
{My favorite! Can never get enough!!}

We bantered with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.
Joe and I scored a gift card to Red Robin however.... the REAL winner of the game might've just been whomever received our Power Rangers t-shirt and gnome salt and pepper shakers.
You're welcome for that one Coombs fam.

Scott and Marilyn read the Nativity out of Luke 2 while the kids read along with their very own books made by Grandma.
 The kids sang, danced and played the piano in our annual Talent Show.
 Always a hoot!

And per tradition..the evening ended with a DANCE PARTY.
Because if DANCING doesn't SCREAM being MERRY...I don't know what does!

So. Much. Fun.
Thank you Scott and Marilyn for going ALL OUT for your kids and grandchildren.
We will ALWAYS remember these gatherings.

Up next: Coombs Christmas Part 2.
Christmas EVE festivities and the Lamoreaux celebration.


  1. Our grandchildren's best talent is that they are comedians!

  2. oh Marci how fun... can my kiddos borrow your in laws for grandparents :)
    First off, I am IN LOVE with the polka dot Runner... DO you know where your Mom in law got it from, I am a sucker for cute runners.. it's darling, and her napkins holders are soooo cute, maybe you can find out where they are from too, and facebook me!! LOL
    I am going to Montana in a few days, and I am beyond excited to hit some US stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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