Sunday, December 2, 2012

This Weekend:

* My gal pals and I spent Fri. morning setting up for our ward Christmas party.
Planning a breakfast for 250 people {kids INCLUDED}
is not the easiest task, I discovered.

* Afternoon bike rides with the kiddos. 
How lucky are WE that the weather is still nice enough to do that?

*Breakfast for dinner Friday night.
My kids could eat pancakes and sausage for just about EVERY meal if I let them.

* Joe 'attempted' to hang Christmas lights.
3 hours later...poor guy....he hadn't gotten much further than when he started.
Darn icicle bulbs.

* Buddy our Elf on the Shelf made his grand debut.
Wishing he could stick around ALL year long to keep the kids in check.

* Joe and I watched the SNL Holiday special on Fri. night and 
laughed our guts out.
THIS clip will FOREVER make me laugh.  
No matter HOW many times I watch it.

* Saturday morning was the ward shin-dig.
SO incredibly glad that it is over.
Very grateful for our ward family.  They're pretty much THE BEST!

* Nap-ey nap afterwards.
{We had to be up at 6 AM to get things rolling for the breakfast!
The Coombs' normally don't 'DO' 6 AM for ANYTHING!}

* Headed to Target in the afternoon to buy Christmas lights that actually worked.
I vow never to go to Target on a Saturday afternoon in the month of December again.
Target is my mecca and all but....NOT during the Christmas season on the weekends.

* Date night with fun friends!
 THIS movie and dinner afterwards HERE.
The movie was.....good. 
Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field should BOTH win an Academy Award for their performances.

* Churchey-church.

* Sunday relaxation.

* Prepping for my BIG giveaway that starts TOMORROW!
Be excited.
Be VERY excited!

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  1. I do not know how you do it all girl!!! Good for you. I am the same, I went to Costco on Saturday in the city, and I refuse to go to the BIG city again this month, it's nuts out there!!!
    However, I am going back to the smaller city on Wed haha


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