Thursday, January 10, 2013

More recipes you should know about...

Finally have a minute to post some super YUMMY recipes that I've tried lately.
All but one is a dessert-ish type recipe so get your sweet tooth ready!

Peanut Butter-Pretzel Truffles (a.k.a. Chubby Hubby Truffles). "Sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy...and super easy to make – no special equipment needed."
Brown Eyed Baker
 These delicious little truffles are the perfect blend of salty and sweet. 
Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Pretzels=
Oh. My. Yum.

I made mine up for our New Year's Eve party and they were a hit.  
Although...they didn't look nearly as 'pretty' as the Brown Eyed Baker's.

I ran out of time and didn't drizzle the peanut butter on top.
And they were STILL dee-lish.

Here's my tip on these....make them up A COUPLE OF DAYS ahead of time.
They taste better the longer they set.

Chocolate Frosting GF
Key Ingredient

Seriously Easy and Seriously Delicious!
{I'm by the spoonful.... delicious!!}

I tried em out for Grant's Baptism party and again...another HIT...thanks to Pinterest!

School Lunch Peanut Butter bars! Who can forget those?! Umm.. YUM!
Tried and Tried Again
We had a friend come over for dinner last night and she brought these for dessert.
They were HEAVENLY!!!  
{I'm still mad at her though for leaving so many extras to tempt me with!}
They are seriously IRRESISTIBLE! 

#4. What to do with your Left-Over Pot Roast.

I {sorta} bragged it up in THIS post that I had perfected the art of cooking a roast in the crock pot.
{I still stand firm in this belief!}

We bought such a huge pot roast last weekend, that we had lots left over from our Sunday dinner.
Here's what I did with it on Monday night once it was all shredded and cut up...

I put what we had left in a pot with a jar of Green Salsa {my favorite is La Victoria or Herdez} AND added a half a packet of taco seasoning.  I heated that up and then let it simmer for a bit.

I also cooked up:
Some rice
Some Ranch Style beans
Some Corn

And added some shredded cheddar cheese on top and we had...


They were super tasty and my kids devoured them.

I'll definitely be doing this from now on with our left over roasts.

Super Simple and really a GREAT FLAVOR!

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