Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Beginnings 2013.

Last night was our annual New Beginnings program with the young women in our church, ages 12-18 and their mothers.  The girls that are TURNING 12 this year, were invited as well as we like to introduce the program to them and give them a taste of what they have to look forward to.

Our theme was based around the 2013 mutual theme:
Stand Ye in Holy Places.....
but we added a SHOE twist to it, to go along with the word STAND.

The idea for our dinner and program were taken from a Jenny Phillips idea HERE.

It was SO much fun to plan and the night was amazing.
Such great people I am surrounded with I tell you.

Here are some details from the evening:

We used high heeled shoes as a centerpiece on our front table...

We had a program and set of utensils at each place setting
 since we served dinner. 

For centerpieces on the tables where everyone sat,  we used gift bags from Hobby Lobby along with black and white polka dot tissue paper.

Aren't those bags just perfect for this event??

The water bottle labels, programs and party circles {on the utensil pockets} were designed on etsy through THIS seller. 
{The seller was fabulous to work with, might I add}.

I felt like the graphics added the perfect touch!

We assigned each of our Laurels to a new incoming Beehive.

They were incharge of going over to their houses, interviewing them and finding out a little bit about themselves.  Each Laurel presented their new Beehive one by one that evening, and then presented them with value colored flip flops made my cute Beehive advisor.

She wrapped them up in a cellophane bag and attached this tag...

Didn't they turn out cute??
The flip flops were found at Wal-mart for 99 cents.

As for the food...

It was YUMMY.

Each of our leaders were incharge of making something and then WE served the mothers and daughters.  I'll be posting ALL of the recipes for these yummy dishes soon.
{They were a hit!}

The program itself was so spiritual and there was such a warm feeling within the room.

We went straight from the Jenny Phillips script however...
we omitted the 'Temple Spires' video
and where it says to have 3 testimonies at the end...we only had one.

Following the 'program' part, I had one of my Laurels speak for 2-3 minutes on how completing her Personal Progress has helped her to STAND in HOLY PLACES.  
Her talk was so powerful.  
I LOVE hearing the testimonies of my young women.

Our Bishop closed the evening with some thoughts on the theme and finding the right shoes in life.
Again, so powerful.
The spirit was so strong.

{These are pics from the part of the program that involves a Young Woman coming to the front of the room and trying on different pairs of shoes to walk around in.} 

We covered the tables in hot pink wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby HANDS DOWN has the very best wrapping paper around.
{I might be slightly obsessed.}  

We also covered the chalkboad in the Relief Society room with even more wrapping paper.
{See first picture}.

As far as favors for the girls went...

it was something that I honestly spent A LOT of time thinking about.
I even PRAYED about it.
I wanted something to remind the girls about the evening...something that they would remember FOREVER.

I searched the internet high and low for ideas and then it finally hit me...

'Marci....make SURE the girls are setting their sights on the TEMPLE. 
ALL of the time.'

And then it came to me...

To go along with the SHOE theme,
we gave them...

Temple Slippers.

We asked each of the girls' moms ahead of time for their shoe size.  
For the younger girls...I bought a size or two UP since their feet will most likely grow.

I told them to keep the slippers tucked in their closets...
somewhere where they could see them on a regular basis and REMIND THEM of what they have to look forward to in life.  

{I also attached THIS poem to go along with it.}

One of my very most favorite parts of the evening.....

...was having my cute MOM there with me!

I figured since it was a MOTHER DAUGHTER was a MUST.
So grateful for my mom who always supports me in everything I do.

Because of she and my dad....I was always guided in the direction of life to

And for that...I will be forever grateful.


You can see our INVITATIONS for this fun event HERE.


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful night :) I have been waiting to see pictures ha ha I love it, especially the temple slippers- it turned out sooooo cute

  2. Amazing! Your YW budget is way better than what we've ever had in our ward!!!

  3. I have never seen the likes of you, Marci!! Did you get all those beautiful shoes from Joe's stash?? Like I have said before, I would hate to be the one that has to replace you when you are released from this job. Never have I seen anyone who is so good at what you do. Almost makes me wish I was in Young Womens (ALMOST) so I could get some of your cute ideas. Keep posting, I love to read and see what you are doing.

  4. Looks like an amazing night Marci! You did a wonderful job documenting everything! It makes me wish I was in charge of our New Beginnings. I did our Evening of Excellence and had a blast decorating and taking pictures, but without a blog, it's hard to share ideas like you have so nicely done!

  5. I agree, hands down you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really make it special for the these girls, and they will remember these moments for years to come!!!
    umh, who owns all the Jimmy Choo shoes, and where can I meet her :)

    your are fabulous ( in my best British Accent)... apparently my kids tell me all the time, that " mom, you don't have to speak in an English accent, it's not like you live there" hahahahaha!!!! I try and tell them when you live somewhere for 26 years, you will talk like that forever :)

  6. Spectacular!! I love the handout - So sweet! And I love that even your outfit matches the decor! :)

  7. AAAHHH!!! it turned out super cute! What a great evening. Great job.

  8. Wow Marci!! Soooo Cute!! Thank you so much for providing the links and where you got everything! I really like the theme in the frame on your table. Is that on glass? Where did you find it?

    Great ideas and it looked like a beautiful night!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! The theme in the frame was downloaded from here:

      I just printed it off at home and put it one of my frames!


  9. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your blog is so very inspiring! I'm the Mia Maid president in my ward, and you have been such a help planning mutual nights! Your girls are so lucky to have you!

  10. Where did you get the white temple slippers? I can't find them under $12 a pair! You did an amazing job. The event was beautiful!!

    1. I found a lot of the temple slippers at Wal-mart for $7. They are just the white Dear Foam slippers. I probably went to about 8 different Wal-marts hunting for them :) The rest, I purchased at the distribution center for $10. Hope this helps! xoxo

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  13. Marci, love all of the details! Would you mind sharing the water bottle label? Love it! I'm preparing for this with my young women on Tuesday! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  15. Oh my heck. This is amazing. When i read that you gave temple slippers as favours i teared up! BAH! How special. So inspired.

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  19. Everything is so cute! I would really love to use the card you used as your program for an invitation. Can you tell me where you found it/had it printed? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome ideas!!

    1. The card for the program was purchased through an etsy seller here:

      Hope that helps. Good luck!!!

  20. OK. Small world here. I was scrolling through your blog (recently called YW pres). Loving what i see. And then, what's this? I know that woman! Is your maiden name Lamoreaux? I recognize your mom! We were in the same ward back in the day--Wakefield. I remember Stephanie, but i think she was a little older than me. I tend to remember names and faces well. I doubt you or Stephanie would have any memory of me, but your mom might remember my mom--Dianne Hansen. Anyway. Just thought I'd share. Thanks for all the creative, fun YW ideas!


  21. Marci, thanks for the quick reply! So, I checked out the invitation link that you provided and it costs $12.50. Did she just e-mail you the template and then you were able to change it to your liking? So, for $12.50 I get the template then I can have however many printed up, just at Wal-Mart, that I would like. Is that correct?

    Thanks for everything,

    1. She actually puts in all of your own wording FOR you. It's really quite nice. And yes...$12.50 and you can print at the location of your choice. xoxo

  22. Are you kidding me? What the heck do shoes associated with sex and fashion have to teach anything to YW? Certainly not any "values" that I would find appropriate. Nice way to totally pervert something.

    1. Hahahaha, how is this even relevant???? The shoes she is using are in relation to "standing in holy places" and the temple shoes she gives them at the end helps them "stand" in that "holy place" which is the Temple. so if they have an every day reminder that one day they will be able to go to the temple, it could influence them to live in such a way that they are always standing in holy places, which they can make anywhere a holy place to stand.

      you've got it all wrong.

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  24. I tried to click on the link for your temple slipper poem and it didn't work. Can you tell me where you found the poem?

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