Sunday, January 6, 2013

This Weekend:

* I took my niece and nephew to Wal-mart to pick out their birthday presents.
{Their birthdays were in October.  Yup.  They were NOT letting me forget it either}.

Walking around Wal-mart with 5 kids total{my kids were included} made me realize...
How on earth do you mom's with MORE than 3 kids do it? 
My hat tips off to YOU!
We looked like a traveling circus pushing a shopping cart.  Giggles and all! I was exhausted after being there for maybe 20 minutes!

* Date night Friday night with fun friends HERE.
{It's a local favorite of ours.  We eat there whenever possible}.

So excited that our fun friends are moving even CLOSER to us in a few months.
Hooray for more peeps in Chandler!!
Chandler, AZ rocks.

* Winter sports started up for the boys on Saturday.
Flag Football again for Grant.
Soccer again for Carson.

So much fun to watch them play!

* Pinewood Derby preparations began...

Now that Grant's an official Cub Scout and all..he's giddy with excitement to get started on his winning vehicle.  Luckily....Uncle William has come to the rescue to help him out.

{Joe's idea of building a Pinewood Derby car inclues going online to eBay and searching a 'Buy it Now'  price for a 'Guaranteed Car to Win' auction.} Yikes.  

*Date night numero dos for the weekend on Saturday night with more fun friends.
{We really do have the BEST of friends around us}.

Dinner HERE.
Dessert HERE. 

*Sunday brought a NEW time for church {hooray!} and London started SUNBEAMS!

How is it possible that she's old enough to be a SUNBEAM?
I don't know if she was more excited to be in Sunbeams...
or to have 'Mermaid Hair' for the day.

'Mermaid Hair' = hair that's been french braided by Grandma....slept in....and then taken out the following morning.
It's all the rage with her these days.

*Pot roast for Sunday dinner.
I LOVE lazy Sunday afternoons at home.

And not to toot my own horn...but I think I've PERFECTED the art of cooking a pot roast in the crock pot.  I'll let you in on my secret.....

DO NOT ADD VEGGIES to your crock pot with the roast.
Cook the roast all by itself!

Veggies seem to suck all of the juices out...making the roast not as moist.
{I really do hate the word MOIST}.

And cook it on HIGH all day long.
I add 2 packets of McCormick's Slow Cooker pot roast dry mix {mixed with 2 cups of water}.
And thats it.
I've been getting the most tender pot roasts lately with that method.  So tender you don't even need an electric knife to cut it.  It just falls apart with a fork.

Try can thank me later. Or you can invite me over for dinner to try it myself.
You choose.

* Joe and I put the kids to bed and then died laughing at the 
We laughed so hard there were tears.
{And don't judge us for enjoying white trash TV. Because we truly do love it}.


  1. I am with you on honey Boo-boo. I did have tears. A fart Ghost? Now that could only be on reality tv. We were laughing at sugar bear a lot. Kev would sooner poke his eyes out with hot pokers but becca and I do love a little honey booboo

  2. UGH I missed the holla day special, will def. have to HULU that one!!!! I did however catch "Finding Bigfoot" and " Rachel & Guy Celebrity Cookoff" so points for me! lol Joe is hilarious and you've got to give him props for being dedicated to win!

  3. My kids and are pathetic, we watch white trash tv. We laugh so hard, it's great!

  4. Joe's pinewood derby approach! LOL!!!


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