Monday, January 14, 2013

This weekend:

*I went to breakfast with one of my dearest friends.
London opted for the soup.  At 9 AM. 
Man, their Diet Coke is good!

*Date night Friday night with Joe.
Dinner HERE.  
Did you know that if you signup for their email list they send you a free coupon for free chips and queso?  And you can print it as may times as you want?  Score!
Their chips and queso is the bomb-diggity.

*Soccer and Football games on Saturday afternoon.
I literally froze my hiney off watching Grant play.
I don't know how you cold states do it.
I grew up in Virginia and went to college in Idaho and Utah and I'm AMAZED that I didn't freeze to death.
It's been 50 degrees here and colder than snot!

*Grant had a sewing lesson with Grandma Lamoreaux.

Don't you LOVE my mom's antique sewing machine?

He's been dying to learn how!
I took him out and let him pick out some fabric {ASU football of course} and my mom helped him sew a pillow case.  It's his new prized possesion.
So cute watching him with my mom. 
He's a natural.

*Pizza night on Saturday night.
I'm the ONLY fan of Pizza Hut in our family so sadly...Papa Johns won.


*Made THIS in the crockpot for dinner.
It was a new recipe try for me and it did not disappoint.
{My favorite bbq sauces are KC masterpiece and Famous Dave's}.

* Made homemade cinnamon rolls

I'll share what I'm doing with them tomorrow.
Along with the recipe.
They. Are. Amazing!

* Laughed our tails off AGAIN at yet another Honey Boo Boo special.
Man, I look at butter in a whole different light now.


  1. Butter, you can't call it butter but it was funny. You knew the food fight was going to happen. But the funniest part of the night was when the made the babies turkey, why don't they get rid of the extra appendage?

  2. fun weekend!!
    I love that you go out to eat so much. I seriously love going out to eat, it's soo much fun, however, my body does not agree, one meal out and I easily gain 2lbs, that's usually not inc starter or dessert :(.. hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's -27 here today.. just saying :)!


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