Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend:

* We celebrated Joe's 35th birthday.
{35?!?! We are getting OLD!}

*Had breakfast at one of our new favorite joints.
Hangar Cafe at the Chandler Airport.

Such fun surroundings and quite possibly the best french toast I've ever had.

*Dinner date night at another one of our favorite joint's HERE.
They give a free dinner on your birthday and we just couldn't pass it up.

We always split a bowl of their minestrone soup and their grilled chicken pasta.
It tastes DIVINE!

*Saturday sports were rained out.
Poured down rain the entire day which was a nice little change.

*Attended Grant's girlfriend friend's baptism.

*Birthday party at the baptism-ee's house afterwards.

* Roast in the crockpot for dinner on Saturday night.


* Yummy Sunday dinner at Joe's parents house with the entire Coombs clan.
We celebrated Joe and Jay's birthdays together {did you know Joe is an identical twin?}...
 and also my father-in-law Scott's birthday.

So blessed to have such great in-laws!

* Ended the weekend with yet another late night visit to the hospital ER.
Not for me.
My dad.
He's back in.
{Big huge frowney face}.

He has an infection from his surgery a week ago. They thought at first that it could be a blood clot and we are so grateful that the test results came up negative for that.

Poor guy.  He's miserable and in lots of pain.

Please keep him in your prayers?



  1. ooohh I turned 38 in December, I was about dying all day. i'm soooo old!!!1
    I didn't know Joe was an identical twin.. fun!!!
    I love that there is a café in the airport, my kids would LOVE that!!!

  2. Hi Marci! I recently started following your blog and about died today when I saw the picture of your husband. I knew Joe when he lived at King Arthur with/by Ben. What a small world! Thank you so much for your YW posts, they are fantastic!

    1. What a small world Kara! I will tell him!!! xoxo


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