Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

This blog is WAY overdue for a Random Wednesday, no?!?
With all of my random and obscure thoughts throughout the day...I'm shocked I haven't gotten to this sooner!

* Have you tried Marie Calendar's Peanut butter pie?
Oh. My. Yum!!!
You can find it in the freezer section with the desserts at your grocery store.
Try it. NOW!

* The movie UP always makes me cry.
Never fail.
I'm like a blubbering mess when I see it!

* Does anyone else look at their clocks at night and count how many hours of sleep they're going to get before falling asleep?  

Why on earth do I do this?  It's not even like I have to get up super early for anything {besides getting my kids out the door and to school...and yes, I have to set an alarm for that!} but really.

* Fish McBites?  Really McDonalds?  
Carson begged for some the other day and I might have dry heaved a little as he ate them in our car.

* I love Pinterest.  
I really do.
{Ok, ok I'm obsessed}.

I try all sorts of recipes and crafts that I find on there.
I however, will never understand the people who pin things like:

Homemade deoderant
Honey lime homemade cough drops
Homemade vanilla
Homemade soap

I'm all for being crafty.  AND thrifty.  But making your OWN deoderant? Or cough drops?  I promise it doesn't cost much more to just go to the your local drug store and buy these!!!!  And I'm sure it tastes AND smells a lot better from the store as well! Not to mention the time it saves you! 

* Do you ever notice when you play the game Catch Phrase....that no matter how many people are on your ALWAYS stare at the same person when it's YOUR turn to give the clues?

* I've become obsessed with the Jodi Arias trial thanks to my sister.
{My sister went into Phoenix this week and was actually able to go into the courtroom for part of the trial!}

Two things: #1 - Jodi Arias is a crazy liar.  Why doesn't she just throw her hands up and say "You got me!  I'm done!  I can't continue to lie like this!!!"

 And #2: Juan Martinez is a gooooooood prosecutor.  Like REALLY good.  If she gets off with this whole thing I will be floored!!!

P.S. Can you imagine being one their family members and having to listen to all of the 'details' of their crazy antics, leading up to the murder? EWWW!!!

* Does anyone else ALWAYS park at Target by the doors CLOSEST to their Dollar bins?  Even if I've already been to Target 3 times within a week {trust happens often!} I STILL find the need to browse through the $ bins.  As if...they might've just put something new out.  Or maybe...I've missed something the past 100 times I've browsed through it.  

{Ok ok....I might have a sickness with the $ bins.  Can you blame me?!}

*Speaking of Target...does anyone else find cute clothes there, try them in on their dressing room, become incrediby happy because whatever you tried on, fit just perfect....only to realize that you've tried on something from their MATERNITY department??  And then all of a become incredibly depressed?

Never fun.  Considering I'm NOT pregnant nor intend to be!!!

* Why are Legos so expensive?
For reals.
I personally cannot stand the things.
So many pieces.  So tiny. 
My kids NEVER pick them up.
 I've gotten so ticked at the darn things that now whenever I step on one that the kids have left behind, I  {after screaming something probably not nice} throw that tiny piece away.  No matter if it goes to a set or not. Yes, I hate them THAT much.

* My boys play sports and love doing so.
I LOVE watching them play.
It's so good for them. 

I just don't get though such young ages...there are parents on the sidelines who are SO competitive.  

THEY'RE 8 and 6 people!
No colleges are out recruiting at these games.
I promise.  That particular game is NOT going to determine if your child goes pro.

It REALLY doesn't matter if they win or lose.  
It matters if they have a good time!

Right??  Am I alone on this?

*Loving THIS new song.
Which is shocking because Pitbull is definitely not one of my faves.
One too many pelvic thrusts for my liking.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr. Seuss Treats!

Next week the kids' school celebrates READ ACROSS AMERICA week as well as 
Dr. Seuss' BIRTHDAY!

Who doesn't LOVE a good Dr. Seuss book?
He's one of my all time faves.

Last year I made up treats for each of the boys' classmates to help celebrate the festivities.

Green Eggs and Ham Cupcakes
Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

My mind is already brainstorming what to do with THIS YEAR'S treats.
So many cute characters and books to choose from! 
Stay tuned.....

P.S. My friend Tonii has a blog and she has some super cute Dr. Seuss themed ideas HERE!

Monday, February 25, 2013

This Weekend:

* We celebrated London's birthday!

Princess birthday bash details HERE.

 * Friday night I attended The Glitter Academy {a local blogging event} with my long lost pal Lindsey.

Lindsey is ever so talented and runs the cute blog Better After.
It was so much fun to hang out and catch up.  Just like old times!

*Saturday was London's 'REAL' birthday.
While Joe and I took the boys to their sporting events..... cute mom and dad took her to Build A Bear and lunch at the mall.
It was no surprise that she pinked out a PINK PRINCESS bear.

* Saturday afternoon I headed out with one of my besties for pedicures.
I was WAY overdue.  Like SO overdue that I think the girl working on my feet was dry heaving on the inside at just how nasty my feet actually were. 

* We met our husbands for dinner HERE
So yummy. 
 I always have to ask for the LEAST spicy thing on their menu though.  Their sauces are HOT! 

* Spiritually uplifted at our adult session of Stake Conference on Saturday night.
It was truly inspiring.

*Dessert afterwards at our new favorite fro-yo joint Kiwi Loco.
Our friends just opened one up right by our house and we've been there so many times now I've lost count. It is YUMMY stuff!

* Sunday night Pot roast for dinner.

* Tucked the kidlets into bed and then laughed hysterically at the 
NBC special 'SNL of the 2000s'.
Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig....some of my all time favorite peeps from that show.

*Also discovered THIS inspiring, adorable and funny kid online this weekend.
{Dwight Schrute from the Office produces these mini videos and they are brilliant!}

And discovered THESE talented and adorable singers as well.
I'm hooked.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

London's Princess Party.

Our little princess turned FOUR this weekend!

She requested MONTHS ago to have a PRINCESS themed party.
All things princess.  Everywhere.
She's been anticipating this party for quite sometime now!

Although Rapunzel is her VERY FAVORITE princess..we included ALL DISNEY princesses in the theme of the big bash.  

Here's a peek at the fesitivites:

***My food labels are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop HERE!!!

We served lunch and I wanted to make sure that all of the food was FOUR YEAR OLD friendly.
Here's what I came up with...

Princess 'chip' holders from Hobby Lobby.

Pink bread was baked and dyed at our local Basha's grocery store.


Princess crowns were purchased from the $ bins at Target.
Candy necklaces were wrapped around the napkins.

I also scored these cute vanity mirrors from the Dollar Tree and added princess tags for each girl.

Watching them look at themselves in these mirrors MIGHT HAVE just been the cutest thing EVER!

Outside on our back patio, I draped plastic tablecloths from the dollar store around our ceilings.

I also made a super simple princess banner by printing off pictures from google images and matting them onto cardstock.

Our pinata from Wal-mart served as a table centerpiece.

These pinatas rock.  No bats are necessary.  
Each girl holds onto a group of strings and pulls the candy out together.

And it's all fun and games until the birthday girl gets bonked on the head by the candy.

We also had girly 'stations' set up outside with little activities for the girls to do.

Make up and lotion table.

Make your own candy necklackes.

Fingernail polish and body glitter table.


Isn't that cake beautiful???
My friend Ashley made it and not only did it LOOK TASTED fabluous too!!!

Don't ya just LOVE the little Pascal made out of fondant?

You can check out more of Ashley's work on her Cake Decorating facebook page HERE.

Each girl got to take home a necklace with their name and favorite princess on it.
I ordered these on etsy HERE.

The party was a HIT and London beamed with happiness the entire day!

The princesses finished off the festivites with an impromptu trampoline party.

Princesses jumping on a trampoline???

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's no secret that I MAY have a {small-ish} obsession with buying clothes for London.

Do you blame me? 
How do I say NO to that face? I don't.

I buy her more clothes than I by myself.
I just.  cannot.  resist.

Spring lines are popping up everywhere and I am giddy with excitement.
Once these cute outfits go on sale....they may just be making their way into her closet.

Here are some of my latest favorite finds:

Old Navy




Old Navy


Down East




Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weekend:

The weather was absolutely gorge-wah!
High 70s with a light breeze.
It was BLISS!
Sunset on the way to my parent's house.
* Friday night my parents hosted their annual
 Lamoreaux 'Adults Only' Valentine Dinner.

As mom went ALL out!
{Any hosting skills that I possess now....I owe to my momma!}

Table all decked out!

We were served:
Tortellini Soup. Pork Roast with seasonings and gravy. Steamed green beans. Potatoe casserole.  Rolls. And my mom's famous carrot cake with sliced almonds on top.

It all tasted DIVINE!
{Any cooking skills I now possess....I also owe to my mum-zie!}

Thank you Mom and Dad for SUCH a fun evening!

It was so nice to be able to sit around their dining room table {without kids nagging at us} and eat, visit and laugh together.  We shot the breeze for almost 4 hours.  

Our family is very blessed indeed!

* Saturday morning sports with the boys.

Grandma Lamoreaux and Carson after his victorious soccer game!
*Celebrated his win with lunch at Iceberg Drive-In.

This is their MINI milkshake!!!
Iceberg MAY just be our new favorite find.
YUMMY burgers, fries, shakes, onion rings.  
{You know...all the best things for your hips!}

* Family bike ride Saturday afternoon with a stop at the park.

*Rented THIS movie for the kiddos Saturday night.
Joe watched it with them while I did laundry and prepared my church lesson.

*Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Dinner over at our fun friends' house Sunday night.

We had the most delicious dessert......
Chocolate cake batter, put into the waffle iron and cooked.
Vanilla ice-cream was sandwiched between 2 chocolate waffle sqaures for a 

Thank you Miller family for having us!
As Grant said "This is the BEST house EVER!!


Now I prepare for London's Princess party this Friday.
All things PINK, FRILLY and GIRLIE.
Oh My!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Church Lesson on Choices.

Today I taught a lesson to my Young Women on

I'm a firm believer that EVERY SINGLE CHOICE we make in life has a consequence.
Good.  Or Bad.

I based most of my lesson off of THIS talk from President Monson.

I also texted each of my girls earlier in the week and told them to come prepared and ready to share an experience of a time when they had to make a choice in their life...and what their consequence was as  a result of that choice...whether good or bad.  

I closed the lesson by showing THIS video....which I LOVED.

As far as my handout went.....

President Monson spoke briefly in his talk about the movie Alice in Wonderland, and the process Alice went through in deciding what choice to make, when she was faced with a fork in the road.

I LOVE what he had to say about it:

Unlike Alice we all know where we want to go, and it DOES matter which way we go for by choosing our path, we choose our destination. - Thomas S. Monson

We talked a lot about our YW value of CHOICE & ACCOUNTABLITY and so I found it fitting to include some ORANGE treats for the girls to take home.
{Orange reperesents Choice and Accountablity}.

 It was a great lesson to teach and I LOVED studying President Monson's talk so much!

If you'd like a copy of my Alice in Wonderland handout you can 
download it  HERE.