Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carson and Grant's Valentines.

 My 'puns' are in FULL EFFECT this Valentine's Day!

 Here's what the boys are brining into their classmates tomorrow....
{Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this holiday?!?}

These cute bubblegum tubes were puchased at Sams club!
I took off their generic tag and added my own along with some bakers twine!

If you have not yet discovered sticker's pretty much a must in all that I do!
Beats a glue stick ANY day.

You can download the tags for the Sprite HERE.
Bubblegum HERE.

{If you have Microsoft word, you should be able to go in and change the name!}


  1. YOU are the queen of fantastic puns!! I am always so excited to see what you will come up with :) SO pinning for next year...thanks for sharing!

  2. Marci...where in Sam's Club did you find these tubes? I have been looking for them. I have a Sam's Club near my house and would love to get some. Thanks for the darling idea!

    1. Back in their candy aisle is where I found them. They had some super cute rainbow colored bubblegum balls left that I'm tempted to go back and get for St. Patricks day! :) xoxo

  3. Super cute! But, when I try to open these in Microsoft Word to change the gives me a bunch of jibberish. It will only allow me to save in Adobe. Any suggestions so that I can change the name?

    1. Huh…just tried it all on my end and it came up fine. Go ahead and leave me your email address with the names you'd like on the Valentine's {and which ones} and I'll edit it for you and send it back! xoxo

    2. Is there any way you could email me these sprite tags in word with the name Jaden on them, or I could add the name. My email is . Thanks

  4. Hello. I had the same problem as the last anonymous person. It will only open up in adobe. My email address is . My kid's name is Jaden. Please let me know if at all possible you might be able to email me the handout with his name or microsoft word somehow. Thanks!!


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