Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Day o' Love.

Hoping you and your loved ones had a fabulous day celebrating! 

Here's a taste of what we were up to today:

Our annual family Valentine's breakfast.

I like to decorate the kitchen table and we give each of the kids a litte gift.
On the menu this morning...buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs and strawberry milk.

London received a new little Hello Kitty Valentine dress and was thrilled beyond measure to wear it to preschool.

Helped out at the school with class parties...

Carson and Mrs. Avery

Grant's teacher Mrs. Alger and I were TWINNERS today.
The boys have the Best. Teachers. Ever!

The afternoon was spent sorting through all of their loot.
They made out like bandits.

Luckily...we had already lined up a cute little babysiter for tonight so SHE had to deal with their sugar HIGHS and LOWS. 
{Sorry Adelaide!}

Joe and I headed here for dinner...

view from Rustler's Roost

....and ate until our stomachs were ready to burst.
{It's another one of our favorite spots for fun occasions!}

Joe gave me plenty of these..... favorite! 
And I gave him plenty of See's chocolates....HIS favorite!

Here's a peek into the card I gave him....

.....yup.  I like to keep it REAL.
Toots are funny.  
No matter what.

The day was a SUCCESS and I am now exhausted.
Onto the NEXT holiday!!


  1. So cute! London's hair and outfit was precious!!!!! I heart Reeses too! Thought I'm picking them up after they go on sale ! lol

  2. I recently found your blog and LOVE everything about it! So many great ideas and fun things to read...that I actually feel I can do! Thanks for sharing.


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