Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

This blog is WAY overdue for a Random Wednesday, no?!?
With all of my random and obscure thoughts throughout the day...I'm shocked I haven't gotten to this sooner!

* Have you tried Marie Calendar's Peanut butter pie?
Oh. My. Yum!!!
You can find it in the freezer section with the desserts at your grocery store.
Try it. NOW!

* The movie UP always makes me cry.
Never fail.
I'm like a blubbering mess when I see it!

* Does anyone else look at their clocks at night and count how many hours of sleep they're going to get before falling asleep?  

Why on earth do I do this?  It's not even like I have to get up super early for anything {besides getting my kids out the door and to school...and yes, I have to set an alarm for that!} but really.

* Fish McBites?  Really McDonalds?  
Carson begged for some the other day and I might have dry heaved a little as he ate them in our car.

* I love Pinterest.  
I really do.
{Ok, ok I'm obsessed}.

I try all sorts of recipes and crafts that I find on there.
I however, will never understand the people who pin things like:

Homemade deoderant
Honey lime homemade cough drops
Homemade vanilla
Homemade soap

I'm all for being crafty.  AND thrifty.  But making your OWN deoderant? Or cough drops?  I promise it doesn't cost much more to just go to the your local drug store and buy these!!!!  And I'm sure it tastes AND smells a lot better from the store as well! Not to mention the time it saves you! 

* Do you ever notice when you play the game Catch Phrase....that no matter how many people are on your ALWAYS stare at the same person when it's YOUR turn to give the clues?

* I've become obsessed with the Jodi Arias trial thanks to my sister.
{My sister went into Phoenix this week and was actually able to go into the courtroom for part of the trial!}

Two things: #1 - Jodi Arias is a crazy liar.  Why doesn't she just throw her hands up and say "You got me!  I'm done!  I can't continue to lie like this!!!"

 And #2: Juan Martinez is a gooooooood prosecutor.  Like REALLY good.  If she gets off with this whole thing I will be floored!!!

P.S. Can you imagine being one their family members and having to listen to all of the 'details' of their crazy antics, leading up to the murder? EWWW!!!

* Does anyone else ALWAYS park at Target by the doors CLOSEST to their Dollar bins?  Even if I've already been to Target 3 times within a week {trust happens often!} I STILL find the need to browse through the $ bins.  As if...they might've just put something new out.  Or maybe...I've missed something the past 100 times I've browsed through it.  

{Ok ok....I might have a sickness with the $ bins.  Can you blame me?!}

*Speaking of Target...does anyone else find cute clothes there, try them in on their dressing room, become incrediby happy because whatever you tried on, fit just perfect....only to realize that you've tried on something from their MATERNITY department??  And then all of a become incredibly depressed?

Never fun.  Considering I'm NOT pregnant nor intend to be!!!

* Why are Legos so expensive?
For reals.
I personally cannot stand the things.
So many pieces.  So tiny. 
My kids NEVER pick them up.
 I've gotten so ticked at the darn things that now whenever I step on one that the kids have left behind, I  {after screaming something probably not nice} throw that tiny piece away.  No matter if it goes to a set or not. Yes, I hate them THAT much.

* My boys play sports and love doing so.
I LOVE watching them play.
It's so good for them. 

I just don't get though such young ages...there are parents on the sidelines who are SO competitive.  

THEY'RE 8 and 6 people!
No colleges are out recruiting at these games.
I promise.  That particular game is NOT going to determine if your child goes pro.

It REALLY doesn't matter if they win or lose.  
It matters if they have a good time!

Right??  Am I alone on this?

*Loving THIS new song.
Which is shocking because Pitbull is definitely not one of my faves.
One too many pelvic thrusts for my liking.


  1. Haha! I love your blog! And if we lived close to each other I think we would be best friends! I totally say that in a non stalker way I totally promise! I have to laugh because I totally agree with you! And why do I also love that song!!! Thanks so much for all of your creative and amazing ideas always!


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