Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weekend:

The weather was absolutely gorge-wah!
High 70s with a light breeze.
It was BLISS!
Sunset on the way to my parent's house.
* Friday night my parents hosted their annual
 Lamoreaux 'Adults Only' Valentine Dinner.

As mom went ALL out!
{Any hosting skills that I possess now....I owe to my momma!}

Table all decked out!

We were served:
Tortellini Soup. Pork Roast with seasonings and gravy. Steamed green beans. Potatoe casserole.  Rolls. And my mom's famous carrot cake with sliced almonds on top.

It all tasted DIVINE!
{Any cooking skills I now possess....I also owe to my mum-zie!}

Thank you Mom and Dad for SUCH a fun evening!

It was so nice to be able to sit around their dining room table {without kids nagging at us} and eat, visit and laugh together.  We shot the breeze for almost 4 hours.  

Our family is very blessed indeed!

* Saturday morning sports with the boys.

Grandma Lamoreaux and Carson after his victorious soccer game!
*Celebrated his win with lunch at Iceberg Drive-In.

This is their MINI milkshake!!!
Iceberg MAY just be our new favorite find.
YUMMY burgers, fries, shakes, onion rings.  
{You know...all the best things for your hips!}

* Family bike ride Saturday afternoon with a stop at the park.

*Rented THIS movie for the kiddos Saturday night.
Joe watched it with them while I did laundry and prepared my church lesson.

*Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Dinner over at our fun friends' house Sunday night.

We had the most delicious dessert......
Chocolate cake batter, put into the waffle iron and cooked.
Vanilla ice-cream was sandwiched between 2 chocolate waffle sqaures for a 

Thank you Miller family for having us!
As Grant said "This is the BEST house EVER!!


Now I prepare for London's Princess party this Friday.
All things PINK, FRILLY and GIRLIE.
Oh My!


  1. you have the best weekends ever!!!!!
    I love that your mom goes all out too!! :)

  2. We LOVE Iceberg drive-in!!! Fun times : )


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