Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Weekend...

Was miserable.

The flu bug hit our house.

Grant got it Wednesday.
London got it Thursday night.
I was hit with at 2 AM on Friday morning.
And Joe got it Saturday night.
{Fingers crossed that Carson is spared this misery}.

*Friday I stayed in bed until 3:00 pm only to get out to make immediate runs to the bathroom.

Went back upstairs and back to bed at 6 PM.

Had to cancel date night with some fun friends at one of our very favorite spots.

*Saturday - still felt icky.
Cancelled plans with some of our favorite peeps to do recipe club that night.
{So sorry Halbisons. So so sorry!}

*Saturday night - Joe wakes up and proceeds to barf his brains out.

And that about sums it up!
{I even spared you the icky details. You're welcome}.

Highlights included:

*Fabulous friends who brought me saltines, gingerale, soup, picked up my kids, etc.

*The fact that my 3 kiddos can entertain themselves, work the DVR and make themselves waffles.

Oh yeah....and this sassy one discovered curlers.

Here's to a fresh and healthy new week!

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  1. Oh Marci, I am so sorry. I hate the flu bug. I hate it when my kids get it, and I hate it when mom gets it!!! I dread this time of year for that reason alone, and it seems this year has been the worst in awhie !


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