Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cruisin' Together...

Am I the only one who thinks of THIS song when I hear the word cruise?

Joe and I just got back from a week full o' BLISS.
And I mean....BLISS!

I'm convinced that EVERY couple needs to take one of these trips OFTEN.

It was so refreshing, relaxing and re-energizing.
It was JUST what the doctor ordered!

Things that we LOVED about our cruise:

The 24-7 service.

Nothing like having someone clean up after you ALL day long.
Our cute little Phillipeano Andy took such good care of us.
Folded towel animals each night, chocoaltes on our bed, fluffed pillows.
I wanted to take him home with us!

* The view from our bedroom balcony.

Waking up and falling asleep to this each day was incredible.
If you ever go on a TROPICAL cruise of sorts...a balcony room is a MUST!

*Winning $400 at B-I-N-G-O!

{Pay no attention to the fact that #1) I have zero make-up on.
And #2) I'm sporting cleavage. Yikes!

Playing BINGO with the old folks is my guilty pleasure.
And guess what....I won not once but TWICE! 
{I seriously never win ANYTHING!!}

So. Much. Fun.

* ALL of the places we stopped.....

This particular island is exclusively owned by Holland America.
When I picture HEAVEN in my mind.....I now picture this island.

It was so breathtaking....it nearly brought Joe to tears.
{And no I'm not overexaggerating.}

We snorkled there off of a little boat and it was fascinating.

{Fun fact: Did you know I have issues when it comes to breathing under unusual circumstances?  I looked like such a weirdo trying to get the hang of breathing with my snorkel mask...mind you...this was NOT my first time.....that the poor Jamaican lifeguard offered to give me his flotation device to swim around with.  Yes...I must've made a spectacle of myself but man...was it fun!}

Other highlights worth mentioning:

* St. Maarten. 
 We went on a shore excursion that involved riding wave runners to a nude beach.

Unforutnatley for us, there were no nudes.
Because seriously...that would have been the SUPER BOWL of people watching.

* A hot stone massage.

If you ever book an appointment with a girl named 'Baby'.....don't let her name fool you.
'Baby' had some serious strength in those little hands of hers.
My joints ached for the entire next day.
Although... it was a 'good' ache.

* The food.
Ohhhhhhh.  The food.
Every. Single. Meal. that we snarfed down was PHENOMENAL.

* Thrice daily ice-cream cones.
The GOOD kind too.
Waffle cones with hand scooped ice-cream and any topping you want!

*Dancing in the nightclub.
I don't mean to brag BUT...I think Joe and I have still got it with our moves.
{Kidding!  I'm sure we looked RIDICULOUS !}

* Competing in 'The Marriage Game'.
{The ship's version of 'The Newlywed Game'.}

Lets just say...I'm glad that we knew NO ONE on that ship.
We divulged WAY too many juicy details about ourselves.

We took second place and scored...... a bottle of champagne?!?
What the??  We got ripped.  We don't even drink!!!


Now it's 'back to life...back to reality'.
So happy to see our cute kiddos again.

HUGE thanks to both Joe and I's parents for helping out!!!
So nice to leave them in such great hands!


  1. So awesome!

    I am starting up a collection to send you next time to a populated nude beach. That is one blog post I have got to read.

  2. soooo glad to have you back ;)
    It looks soooo great, seriously, we need to take a vaccay like this!!!
    You have to tell me all about your outfit in pic 1... the polkadot dress and cardigan... I love it!!!!!
    yeah for hols, and hey for us that you are back!
    ps, Tomorrow we need easter d├ęcor pics! LOL!

  3. Love the post ~ glad you keep us up on what's going on. And glad that you are still in love after 10 years. Looks like you had wonderful weather.


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