Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Inspiration.

Now that our cruise is over....I can dive into ALL THINGS EASTER.
I'm slightly bugged that Easter falls at the end of March this year.
I feel like when it does that....we just don't get enough time to enjoy all things PASTEL.
{I much prefer a middle of April, Easter.  But whatever.}

I FINALLY got out all of my decor today.
{I know, I know, I am like super late!  I was ALMOST tempted to NOT put ANY decor out since it is just a week and a half away.  GASP! I just couldn't do it.  I HAD to decorate.}

You can see some of the decor around my house HERE.
I'm working on a new kitchen table EASTER centerpiece.  Will post pics soon.

Here are some cute pieces of inspiration that I've found around the web-o-sphere lately:

LOVING the simplicity of these framed Easter bunnies.
I REALLY need to invest in a Silhouette machine.  
Or a Cricuit.
It would make crafts like these SO much easier on me.

I LOVE these cute place settings with cupcake liners.

And speaking of place settings....these pails are ADORABLE!
I've seen these chalkboard pails before in the $ bins at Target.

Preppy and Pink
I'm in LOVE with this FREE printable.  
How cute is it that all you have to do is print and add a cottonball!?!

The Chick n' Coop
And these Bunny Bottom pancakes?
Oh my!
I am totes making these with THIS recipe on Easter weekend.
My kids will flip.


Thinking up some crafty ideas for my kids' classmates this spring.
You can see what I did last year HERE.


  1. oh my heavens I love the printable with the cottontail!
    I agree I am sad that it's soo early, I like it way better in april too. it seems way too early, I mean, really, we are supposed to have an egg hunt.. it was -27 here yesterday with a TON of snow on the ground still!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see your centerpieces!!! I have mine all bought and ready to go.
    Oh and I have a silhouette, I am NOT crafty at all.. people always ask me how I have the cutest thing.. umh, I buy it or I get my neighbour to make it ( she has a silhouette too), and it's a steep learning curve that I have yet to learn! LOL
    ps, love the silhouette over the cricut!

  2. You so DO need a cameo!!! I love mine!!! I used to have a cricut and I say hands down cameo! Cute decor!