Monday, March 4, 2013

This Weekend:

* Joe and I spent Friday morning in one of my most favorite places ever.
{No...not Disneyland.  That's my SECOND favorite place!}

I love going inside.  
It always brings me such peace and comfort.

{So excited for our Gilbert Temple to open soon!}

*We headed out for a LUNCH DATE to one of our favorite Mesa mexican joints afterwards...

The weather was so beautiful, we even ate outside on the patio.

Of course we needed dessert afterwards so we headed across the street.....

{Double LoVe!}
Tastiest cookies and brownies around!!!

* Friday night Carson and I headed out for a bike ride at sunset.

The weather we've had this past weekend is seriously the reason I LOVE Arizona.
80s with a cool breeze.
Makes living here in the summertime bearable....knowing that it's like this the REST of the year.

* Saturday morning Bashas donuts with these two yayhoos.

* Soccer tournament.
* Football tournament.

Grant got the game day medal!

As much as I LOVE my boys playing sports....I can definitely say that I am looking forward to them NOT playing ANY sports this spring.  Saturday morning we come!

* Saturday afternoon was Grant's very first PINEWOOD DERBY.

He came in a solid 4th place and he was pleased as punch!

Since Joe is the CUBMASTER over his scout troop, Grant was given 
The Family Pride Award
because.....he was the first Coombs NOT to place last.

* Saturday evening Soccer Party to celebrate the season!

Carson never met a chicken leg he didn't like!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

*Family dinner at Joe's parents house Sunday night.
Homemade lasagna it was GooOood!


This week we prep for our 10 year anniversary celebration.
If you have ideas on what to do in: Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico or the Bahamas....
do tell!!!


  1. OHHH loom at your weather... u saw a pic of mine LOL
    BRRRR, my house is new and a 2 story with a basement about 3500sqft, and it was literally shaking, It the blizzard of blizzards!!!! hahahah

    Ok, when it comes to vaccays, I have ZERO personal experience, since in 12 years I have been married we have NEVER had a vacation together.. not even a honeymoon, we got married on a Saturday, flew back to Canada sunday, he started school Monday.. yep, never even had a weekend away together without kids.. it's true! LOL

    BUT my sister in law came back from turks and caicos last year, they said it was the best place ever!!! they are traverllers too, Africa, hondurous, all over, and they loved loved it here! they took their kids and went to the beaches resort, and loved every second!!

  2. I landed on your blog from a pin on pinterest. Then had to scroll through just a little to see some of your other amazing ideas! When I stumbled on this post I about died! We're from Chandler, but currently living in Santiago, Chile for a few more months before we head back "home". There is nothing like a morning at the temple, followed by Mangos and Sweet Cakes! I would do that often with my girlfriends during the day - but I always brought Sweet Cake yummies home for the hubby and kids! What a fun memory. Thanks for reminding me :) It made my day!