Monday, March 25, 2013

This Weekend:

* I took the kiddos to see....

It was absolutely DARLING.  
Way better than I expected!

* We shopped around the mall afterwards and stumbled upon this shirt....

.....the boys BEGGED to get it for Joe for Father's Day.
Because it's just his style, no?

* Friday night date night with fun friends HERE.
We ordered the Vino Bambino salad, garlic cheesey bread and OF COURSE, a pizzookie.
Hands down one of my very favorite places to eat.
{And if you haven't tried that salad before?  It's to die for.}

* Saturday I attended a bridal shower for my cute sis-in-law to be....

Thursday is the BIG DAY. 
We are SO excited for you Sarah and Ryan!!

*Saturday night we attended a 40th Birthday Bash for one of our dearest friends.
His wife went ALL OUT and threw a  'Survivor' style party.
It was off the hook FUN!
{Even though they made us eat things like SPAM, Sardines and Lemons. Bleh!}

And yes, that is mud on Joe's forehead.  
We were all initiated at the beginning of the game with fresh mud on our skin.

 I know I say it all the time....but we serioulsy have the MOST FUN friends around us!

* Churchey Church on Sunday.
Taught THIS lesson in preparation for my EASTER lesson THIS Sunday.
{So excited}.

*Had a couple of Joe's siblings and a fun friend over for Sunday night dinner.
Pot roast, of course. 
It's what my kids ALWAYS seem to request these days.
And I don't mind because it's my favorite as well!


Kids finally go back to school tomorrow from their Spring Break extravaganza.

Looking forward to: running errands all by myself.
Not looking forward to:  rushing out the door each morning.

Happy Easter Week!

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