Thursday, March 28, 2013

Young Womens Broadcast Motivator.

Saturday night, thousands of Young Women from all over the world with the Mormon faith, will gather together to hear counsel and inspiration from church leaders.  This broadcast from Salt Lake City is always one of my very favorite evenings of the year.  It is always so uplifting, encouraging and inspiring.

{To read my very favorite talk from last year's session click HERE.}

This meeting is something that I want ALL of my cute young women and their mothers to attend so,
......I made up some treats to remind them about it.

I couldn't resist the EASTER theme!

I'm enlisting the help of my counselors and tomorrow we will personally deliver a carton of marshmallow eggs to each girl and their hopes of REMINDING them that this evening is something they will NOT want to miss out on.

P.S. Have you entered my very SASSY GIVEAWAY HERE???


  1. what a great great idea!!! even as a yw I loved these conferences, and now I love the RS ones too!!!!
    your amazing!

  2. Can I get a jpeg or pdf copy of your super cute tag?

  3. I love your website and the information I am able to gleam from it. My 12 year old daughter and her friend came to me one day and asked if they could publish a website to teach people about being LDS and use it as a value project. The site is LOL 4 LDS – lessons of life for LDS

    They have done a wonderful job! I am trying to help get the word out. I was hoping that you would take a look at it and possibly add a link to your page. We would be happy to put a link on her page to your site if that is okay with you. Thank you in advance.