Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

Two things I'm LOVIN tonight:

* THIS recipe. It's a family fave and never gets old.  We sub the beef for chicken and it is DEE-lish. My kids snarf it down every time.

* THIS song.  How am I just NOW discovering this singer?  She's ah-maze-ing. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE the song.

Two upcoming concerts I want to see:

Fleetwood Mac
Selena Gomez

Yes.  Both drastically different. But I LOVE both of them.  
{Is it weird that I like a band from way back when AND a teeny boppin Disney star?!?}

Happy Tuesday!

Doesn't EVERYONE stick their tongue out a little when coloring?!?

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  1. ooh I love Christina Perry.. love her, I love jar of hearts too... such amazing songs!!!! I sing her daily!! :)

    Ok, I have to say, I can't remember if I wrote you, about the pot roast, I was a little nervous as dayna HATES cream of anything ( he calls it cream of crap), and so my usual pot roast was the same as yours, minus the soup.. but I decided to give it a go... BEST DECISSION EVER!!!!!!!!! he loved it, the kids loved it, I loved it... it was perfect!!! I told him what was in it, and he was shocked! so thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps, I love selena too, did you see her on DWTS.. love her! ahhah


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