Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

Two songs I'm LOVIN right now:

*THIS JT single.
It's been on replay in my car all week long.
The Justin Timberlake legacy continues....he is incredible.
{And I might just have a small celeb crush on him.  But it's ok.  Joe knows.  And just between you and me...I think Joe has a small celeb crush on him too.  Hehe.. I kid!}

* THIS song.
I'm pretty sure this will be 'THE' song of the summer.
So fun and upbeat!!

Two movies I CAN'T wait to see:

It just came out this past weekend and Joe and I are antsy to see it. Soon!

This one comes out at the end of June and I might be {just as} if not MORE than excited than my kiddos to see it.  Summer fun for sure!

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