Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book of Mormon Handout.

This was the topic I was assigned to teach my sweet young women today.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that The Book of Mormon is my very favorite book to read?  Ever!
It's true. 
{And I've read A LOT of books in my lifetime}.

Which is why I LOVED preparing this particular lesson. 
{For notes on my lesson and how it was taught...keep scrolling.} 

As for my handout this week...I knew when I spied these POP DROPS at the $ store....they needed to be used somehow.

I immediately thought of the phrase STOP, DROP and ROLL..
and turned it into more of a 'pun-ish' challenge, if you will.

For a free copy of my handout click HERE.
{I changed the wording to say Take THE Challenge instead of....Sis. Coombs' Challenge}.

I KNOW that The Book of Mormon is true.
It testifies of Jesus Christ and contains the fullness of His gospel.

Never read it?  Well it's your lucky day because I'd be happy to give you one.
Or ship you one. If you live in a far off land.
Like Kentucky.  Or somewhere else like that.
I'll even pay for the postage! 
Yes...I really do love this book THAT much!


Notes from my lesson:

* I started out by asking the girls "What do we know about the Book of Mormon?" and writing their answers down on the chalkboard. We came up with a pretty good sized list.

* We then discussed:  Where did the Book of Mormon come from?
How and when was it translated?
And Why do we have it?

* I asked my Laurels ahead of time to come prepared with a scripture from the Book of Mormon, to share, that has influenced their life for good or inspired them in someway.  We went around the classroom and shared these scriptures.

* We read the Introduction to the Book of the Mormon and focused on the last two paragraphs.

* We watched THIS short clip from Elder Eyring.

* I bore my testimony to the girls and then encouraged them to take on the challenge of finding out for THEMSELVES...if the Book of Mormon was true.

Because do you really know if a book is true....unless you read it YOURSELF!


  1. I'm trying to print your handout and it says that it can't be found. Is it no longer available? Thanks!

    1. So sorry about that! The link is up and working again!! xoxo


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