Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Wednesday {posted on Friday}.

This is exactly how I feel about April 15th.

* The other day on the Today Show...they were spotlighting the latest and greatest things out in departments stores right now for under $20.  One of them was a ONE SIZE FITS ALL thong.  As in the underwear.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL underwear?!? Ummm.  I just got back from a cruise recently and saw ALL SORTS of shapes and sizes in bathing suits.  A ONE SIZE FITS ALL thong does not apply to EVERYONE.  I am POSITIVE. Can you imagine?  Not to UNCOMFORATABLE a ONE SIZE FITS ALL thong would feel?  Some might need it surgically removed after wearing...I am SURE!

* I absolutely ADORE my children. They are my greatest blessings.  
However....does anyone else feel like there are days where your children literally SUCK the ENERGY right out of EVERY OUNCE of your body? For reals. I always have such high hopes of accomplishing different tasks throughout the day but my kids seem to get ahold of me and SUCK me DRY. 
 {I guess that's why there's always tomorrow, right? Wink.}

* Speaking of kids...I recently heard in an interview where Beyonce said that she was ready for another child.  Because according to her, she said "Having a child is so much easier than I had imagined."  

Ummm.....Beyonce??....You have people helping you.
You probably have people cooking, cleaning and wiping your baby's bum.
Whenever you need it.
OF COURSE it's easier than you had imagined!
WE'D ALL think that if we had around the clock assistance!

{That said...I am a HUGE fan of Beyonce and love her music.}

* Speaking of music...Love Love LOVING THIS song right now.  
Like I can't get enough of it.
For reals.
{I don't even notice what the words say...just LOVE the melody and harmony!}

* Have you ever had a dream where it affects your entire day upon waking up?
For good OR for bad?

Or have you ever had a dream about someone you haven't thought about in years...say.....someone you went to grade school with....and then find yourself googling them and searching Facebook to find out every last detail about them?

{I'm not a stalker...I promise!}

* I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Redbox.
LOVE that their rentals are so cheap and there's one on like every corner.
HATE that I ALWAYS forget to return them.
No wonder REDBOX is so lucrative.  

* I {sorta} have a thing with bagels.
{See my hips and legs for confirmation}.
Why on earth don't they make sesame bagels, with sesame seeds on BOTH parts of the bagel?  Top AND bottom?  I always feel jipped when I order one and I get to the bottom half and there's NO sesame seeds.  It's like you get HALF of what you paid for.

* My kids randomly watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates 
on the Disney channel.
Does anyone else feel the urge to cut this girls bangs whenever she's on? 

Why must she have those whispys that sway from side to side?
Do they bug anyone else but me?

* I have a really weak stomach when it comes to all things bloody.
Or gross.
And it really irritates me when people feel the need to post these types of pictures on Facebook.
Because you have NO warning whatsoever.
You scroll down your newsfeed...just minding your own business...and BAM....a completely nasty picture pops up and you instantly have it forever embedded in your brain.

Like the guy who just broke his leg in college basketball.
WHY did people find it necessary to post the picture of his bone LITERALLY sticking out of his KNEE? EWWWW!

Same goes for if your child needs stitches and has an open flesh wound.
NO ONE wants to see it!
{At least....I don't}.

* Little Ceasars pizza is not my favorite but it DOES occasionally hit the spot.  And we buy it for our kids a lot when we go out on date night.

Have you ever noticed though how their pizza tastes AWFUL as leftovers?

Pizza Hut and Papa Johns?  They make DELICIOUS leftovers.
Little Ceasers?  
It's as if you're eating cardboard the very next day.

Which reminds me of THIS absolutely hilarious SNL skit from last weekend.
LOVE me some Melissa McCarthy!

* Remember how I LOVE totally RANDOM songs from the 80s and 90s?
Well I heard THIS song on the radio the other day and it's as if I fell in love with it ALL over again. {SwOoN!}


P.S. I'm selling our train table + 2 train sets for $50. 
If you're local and interested...let me know!
I've gotten the bug to clean out our toy room and I am gettin rid of things left and right.
Feels so good to get orangized!


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