Monday, April 1, 2013

This Weekend:

Our weekend actually started out on Thursday...

with Joe's youngest brother getting married!
{More deets on that in a future post}.

*Friday night date night at The Keg.
{We LOVE this place!}
Their prime rib is mouth watering.

The weather was so beautiful Friday night...we ate outside on their patio and then walked around San Tan mall while enjoying the smell of 
fresh orange blossoms. 

* Saturday morning we attended our annual neighborhood 
Easter Egg hunt and Breakfast.

We have such sweet friends that put this on every year at the park right by our house.
The kids made out like bandits.

* We headed home and colored Easter eggs...

Which was pretty painless this year.
No brown or puke green colored eggs.
No blue egg dye stained for days on fingers.
No cracked eggs causing the kitchen to stink.

* Saturday night I attended the Young Womens General Broadcast.
I was spiritually uplifted and then some!
The talks given were enlightening and heart felt.

THIS video shown, touched my heart and made me cry.
{Tears of happiness and joy, of course}.
So powerful.

* Dinner afterwards with a couple of my sweet leaders and friends HERE.
Hands down...the very best place for chips and salsa in the valley!

* Sunday church.

Trying to get my kids to sit still and pose for a cute family picture after a weekend long of TAKING picutres?  Nearly impossible. This is the best we got.  I'll take it.

* Handed THESE out to my sweet young women to encourage them to watch General Conference.

* Easter dinner at my sister Stephanie's house with the entire Lamoreaux crew.

Ham, potatoe casserole, pink jello, green salad, broccoli salad, rolls, roasted carrots....
It all tasted divine!

I was in charge of the desserts.
I made a strawberry glazed cake and peach cobbler.
I'll be sharing these recipes soon.


Hope you and yours had a 
FABULOUS Easter weekend.
As much as I LOVE holidays.....aren't they tiring?

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  1. oh I love weddings, when I was in high school that was my job, I worked at a bridal boutique, and I still have a passion for it :)

    I can't wait for Grace to turn 12, so I can go to those conferences again!!!

    I love that your grass is green... oh I wish! ;)
    and I know I have said this before, or maybe I have said it in my head.. but I freaking love love your window treatment in your kitchen... love it! LOL!


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