Monday, April 22, 2013

This Weekend:

...was action packed.
And super fun.

*Friday I was completely glued to my television as I watched the events in Boston unfold.
Fun Fact:  I'm obsessed with the news.
Like severely obsessed.

I check CNN constantly throughout the day.
And I HAVE to watch the local news before I go to bed each night.
Which means when a BIG event like the Boston bombings occurrs....I have to know every last detail.
So thankful they got the suspects.  My heart goes out to all of the people affected by that tragic event.

* Friday night the boys' elementary school held a Sock Hop/Spring Fest.
My boys were ALL about gettin their groove on, on the dance floor.

They've got Moves like Jagger, yes they do.

* Saturday morning the boys headed out to the golf course with Joe...

...while London and I headed to the candy store.
I'll take candy over golf ANY day! 
So many options....
London had to get down on all fours just to decide!
* The boys got haircuts afterwards at the Barber shop.
The Barber shop gives THE BEST boys haircuts in town.

Another fun fact?  I have OCD when my boys' hair starts to grow the slightest bit over their ears.
We like their hair short here in the Coombs' household.

* Saturday night date night with fun friends HERE.
Why does their Cactus Blossom have to be so. dang. good?!?

* Churchey-Church on Sunday.
Same sass, different day.
London decked out in church attire.
* Taught THIS lesson.

* Sunday night dinner at my parent's house.
I {heart} whenever I don't have to cook dinner on Sundays.
It's the best.
And so is my mom's cooking.


  1. Another London decked all out *Pix* with matching necklace of course

  2. I love what London is wearing!!!
    super fun weekend!!!!


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