Friday, May 24, 2013

Graduation Money Gift ideas.

 I can't believe that GRADUATION season is upon us.
Where did the year go??

Everyone should know by now...that MONEY is very best thing you can give a graduate.
It's true.
Money can't buy happiness....but it CAN make a graduate VERY giddy.

Here are some FUN ways to present your moola to those you love:

For deets on these two HERE to view my blog post about them from last year.
{P.S. They were a HUGE hit with their recipients!}

Tip Junkie
 I don't know what I love MOST about this idea...
The fact that you have to eat ALL of the chocolates FIRST!? or...
it's darling presentation.  

Creative Capital B
 Love Love Love this cute saying.
{Free printable too!}

Another cute saying. 
{Gosh, I love puns!!!}
 AND free printable.

The DIY Show
This one would take a little more time but how fun would this be to present to someone??
You could even use it as a centerpiece if you were hosting a graduation party.

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  1. Wow I love these. I am so glad I found you when I wad put in yw and started looking for ideas for New Beginnings. I love the girls so much but I always think I am just not creative enough. My daughter graduates next week so a lot of friends I am giving cash too. They love it and they need it. Two Yeats ago when my son graduated he used it to buy a laptop for college. He needed it so much. Now I am using it while he is in Chile on his mission. So I knew I would give cash but the boring card is boring. Thanks so much. I was going to look and see if you had any posts for lessons or anything on patriarchal blessings for a lesson I am giving on Sunday because the teacher is going camping for the weekend. Haven't looked yet but found this when I went on here. So u answered a prayer without even knowing it. Thanks so much..


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