Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Wednesday.

* Why on earth do they constantly advertise for 'lubricated cathedars' during commercial breaks on the Jodi Arias trial?  
{P.S. So ready for that trial to be over.}

* Speaking of Headline News....I honstley wonder HOW MANY times their news anchors have said the phrase 'You won't miss a thing!'
Good gosh.  We know already!  That's why we watch your network in the first place!

* I've officially decided that those soda fountain machines that offer like over 50 flavors of soda?  They're nasty.
It offsets the normal flavor of my Diet Cokes and Diet Dr. Peppers.
Anyone else feel this way?

* Is a grilled chicken sandwich still considered 'healthy' if I lather it with Ranch sauce?
Specifically...Chick Fil-A's Ranch?
I honestly cannot get enough.
I like to think it's still 'healthy'.  Don't burst my bubble.

* Speaking of Chick-Fil-A....why on earth do they have the WORST toys ever with their kids meals?
Are they WANTING the kids to turn them in for ice-cream so they can recycle them into the next kid's meal and save money?  
They're THE LAMEST toys ever!

* I really really hate the word RAD.
And I really wish people would stop using it.

* Why don't ALL stores have the SAME floor plans?
For instance...Target.
I can shop at my favorite Target in Chandler, but then I go to Mesa and it's all switched up on me!
I can't find my go-to aisles like I normally do!
It's like they're playing an evil trick on all of us loyal shoppers!

* I will never ever make the mistake again of buying Costco's name brand frozen chicken breasts.
Those individual pacakges are a PAIN IN MY REAR to open up when I have a whole crockpot to fill with them!

* Have you ever worn a certain type of deodarant for awhile and then all of a sudden one day discovered stinks?  I wanna know why.

* Why do some celebrities like to make themselves look homeless?
And smelly?

Joaquin Phoenix

Mary Kate Olsen

They have all the money in the world and they choose to go out like THAT?
Not being judgemental {ok maybe a little} but seriously?!?


  1. Those fancy dispensers are HORRID. I was so excited to see Diet Fanta at a Wendy's last week, but when I pressed the button something was broken and the brightorange syrup got all over my favorite dress and stained my toes for a couple days! Stupid. Let's just stick with the classic fountains!

  2. I am with you on the soda machines.... I need Diet Coke in its purest form, it loses something in the translation on that machine.... it is just "off"


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