Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scripture Study Handout and Camp challenge.

Today I was able to teach my cute Laurels class {teenage church girls ages 16-18} the lesson on:

Studying the scriptures in my own personal life has brought me so much joy, peace and helped me discover the answers to many of life's questions.  I LOVE teaching about the importance of studying the scirptures in our own daily lives.  I was THRILLED to get to teach this lesson.

I started out my lesson with homemade rolls.
{And homemade cinnamon honey butter too because well that's just a necessity with homemade rolls}.

And by 'homemade' rolls I really do mean....I bought the frozen ones from Deseret Book, let them rise and baked them at home.  
{Fun fact: Yeast scares me.  I only ever attempt it with my cinnamon rolls}.

As soon as each girl got their roll, I showed them THIS video/talk by Sister Julie Beck.
{You'll understand my need for handing out homemade rolls better if you watch or read this talk first. There is a connection}.

I LOVE this talk.  I couldn't give this talk justice unless I just showed it in it's entirety.
{The talk lasts only about 10 minutes}.

Once the video was finished we went over a few important scriptures that I felt the girls needed to make sure to have marked in their own scriptures:

I had the girls talk about what each of these scriptures meant to them and then I added my own 2 cents.

I then handed them out each a copy of THIS talk by Elder Scott.
{Side note: I really really really REALLY love this talk!}

We went over paragraphs 2-7 and anytime I felt there was an important line or quote...I had them mark it or right a note out to the side. Which was basicaly the entire talk {smile}.

I LOVE what Elder Scott has to say about memorizing a scripture and forging a new friendship.
It made way for my handouts this week...

Friendship bracelets made by my cute 12 year old niece.

For a copy of my handout click HERE.

I get lots of requests for ideas on Girls Camp which is why I must share an idea that one of my camp leaders came up with.  I just LOVE it.

Our Girls Camp is in just a couple of weeks {GaSp!}.

My asst. camp director thought it would be a good idea to purchase a 
Conference Ensign for EACH girl and then challenge them 
to read EVERY talk before camp.
{If they started when the challenge was only ends up being like one talk per day}.

We plan to base our devotionals and nightly chats off of different talks from this Ensign.
{She may have promised them a special treat too for accomplishing it.}

Our Relief Society has done this every summer for the past few years and I've been able to take part in this challenge.  I can say I honestly LOVE reading over these talks, highlighting things that stick out to me, making testimony is always strengthened by doing this.  I am SO thrilled that our Young Women now have that same opportunity to pour over the words of tbe prophet and his apostles, and to learn and to grow. 


  1. I have been pondering how to teach this lesson for many weeks now and love how you have introduced it, I think I might just make some rolls for the girls and do the same thing. I love both talks and had already decided to use the one from Elder Scott as well as a recent one given during this last conference. Thank you for sharing this and the idea for camp is wonderful as well.

  2. Holy Cow...Thank YOU for these ideas! They are wonderful and I'm definitely going to use them. Going out to buy Ensigns and highlighters right now! :)

  3. Thank you for your FUN ideas! Very helpful!! Love the friendship printable.

  4. Could you send me the download for this handout. I want to challenge the girls to read the May Ensign before our girls camp this summer. I am not good with creating handouts myself. I am so glad their are creative people like you willing to share.

  5. I love the idea of reading in the summer for the General Conference challenge but I'm wanting to do something some time before the next General Conference (we just heard October 2016 one and the next is April 2017. Any ideas?


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