Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation idea.


I like to spoil the kids's teachers every day during the week by having them bring in something fun.
{With the exception of today. Yikes.  Last night got the best of me.}

I stumbled upon the MOST darling printable that I just knew had to be put to good use.

Printable from SKIP TO MY LOU.

Printed it out, stuck on my restuaruant gift cards and wrapped em up cute.

Doesn't get much easier than that!!
{P.S. My sister is a teacher.  Ya wanna know what are teachers very favorite thing to receive?
Gift cards.}


If you're a ROOM's a tip:

At the beginnig of the school year, I have the teacher fill out an ALL about ME sheet....stating their 'favorites' of everything.  Something like THIS cute one.

When Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around...I send out a sheet to all of the parents that says to bring in something different each day throughout the week to surprise the teacher with. 

 {I also make sure that they know this is NOT MANDATORY....they can bring stuff in ONE day, TWO days, ALL days, or NO days.  IT IS UP TO THEM!}

Monday - Favorite Drink Day
Tuesday - Favorite Restaraunt Day
{A small $5-10 gift certifictate to one of their fave restaurants}
Wednesday - Favorite Treat Day
Thursday - Favorite Color Day
{Bring in something with their favorite color on it... a nail polish, lotion, flowers...}
Friday - Card and Picture Day
{Have your child write a note tday for the teacher or draw a picture or send in a picture of your child with their teacher from the year!}

Under each day...I list the 'favorites' that coincide with that day as well.

P.S. Have you entered my MOTHER's DAY GIVEAWAY 


  1. Marci, When I go to the website for this Teacher's appreciation page it won't let me download it. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Janan - there is some word in orange that say CLICK HERE. You just click that and it automatically should download for you. Hope that helps! xoxo


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