Monday, May 13, 2013

This Weekend:

...was a perfectly pleasant Mother's Day Weekend.

*We kicked things off on Friday with
Donuts for Divas
at the boys' school.  

The second grade was in charge of singing a few songs and my sweet little Grant was SO excited!

* London and I headed to the mall afterwards to get a few last minute
  Mother's Day needs.

Yes.  See's Chocolate is definitely a Mother's Day NEED.
The mall was packed and I vowed to never go there again on the Friday before a holiday.

* Friday afternoon, Carson's class hosted the most adorable 'Ma-Spa' in their classroom.

The event included Carson giving me a massage, reading me his favorite book, him brushing my hair and us making a craft together.  It seriously melted my heart.

Oh yeah...and he made me the sweetest booklet that included this page.

Do my kids know me well or what?!?

* Friday night for date night we saw THIS movie.
It was definitely interesting...and even a little different...but REALLY good.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
{And the two little boys in the movie certainly should be up for some type of acting award.}

Everywhere was PACKED for dinner afterwards so we ended up HERE.
{I seriously LOVE their Diet Coke and chips and salsa!}

* Saturday morning I treated myself to a pedi from a tattoed man at our local pedi place.
I'm not gonna lie.  The men almost NEVER give as good of pedis as the women.
Needless to say, my crusty feet are not half as crusty as they WERE so I walked out feeling refreshed.

I even got to run my Saturday morning errands ALL BY MYSELF.
{Gosh I love milking Mother's Day weekend for all it's worth}.

*Saturday afternoon London had her Spring Dance recital.

Little girls in cute dance costumes ALWAYS melts my heart.

* Saturday night we met Joe's parents and siblings HERE for our Coombs' Mother's Day dinner.

Joe and his cute mom.
Yummy food and fun company were had in the 'Pope' room that night.

* Saturday night Joe and I stayed up late laughing hysterically at
SNL's weekend update:

These two bits are some of our all time favorites.
Almost peed our pants laughing so hard!

* Sunday morning we headed over to my sister's house and got to skpe with my nephew all the way from Barcelona, SPAIN.

Proud to report....Elder Rupa is doing AMAZING things and really changing lives over there.
We are so proud of him.

* Was treated to a dee-lish breakfast back at home from Joe + these 3....

I didn't even have to do the dishes!

* We spent Sunday evening over at my parents house.
BBQd dinner with all of the fixins.

So grateful for my mom.
She's pretty much a rockstar.

I felt so blessed all weekend long.
 My very favorite gifts?
The handmade ones from my kiddies.
Now that I'm a mom...I finally get it.  
It REALLY is all about the THOUGHT that counts.

Blessed Indeed!


  1. ooh did I tell you my sister lives in Madrid, Spain? cool huH!
    SO, how much of a weekend, I love all that you do.!!!

    Hey is AZ super cheap for Pedi's like in Utah? when I went they were like $35 for a mani/pedi, I about died, here you pay $70 for a run of the mill pedi.

    1. Yup $35 is what I pay! $70?? I'd never be able to get em!!! How crazy!


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