Monday, May 20, 2013

This Weekend:

* Started off exactly the way I like.

Joe and I went Friday morning and got our very favorite donuts.  Ever.
The best in all of AZ.
{Might I add...their Chandler location is the VERY best of all? It puts Mesa's to shame}.

* Clean clean cleaned my nasty bathrooms Friday afternoon.
WHY do they get SO nasty?!?

* Friday night BBQ and pool party at some of our favorite friends' house.

Burgers + Swimming = 
our life for the next few months.
{Anderson's..I'm really not kidding when I say that we will practically be living at your house this summer to swim. Consider yourselves warned.}

* Stayed up late watching Dateline's Wild Wild Web episode.
Dang I'm a sucker for Dateline.
And it's most ALWAYS the same scenario....husband kills wife or wife kills husband.
It gets me EVERY time though!

* Saturday we met our favorite first grade teacher for lunch at 
Gosh we're gonna miss her when she moves.

* Kiddos went swimming at another friends house.  Yet again.
They are FISH I tell you.

* Saturday night date night with some of our favorite peeps.
Dinner HERE.
Yet another Chandler staple.
{Their fettucini alfredo with chicken is the bomb diggity. 
And so is their Diet Coke.}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Taught THIS lesson to my cute girls.

* Relaxed in our jammies the rest of the day.
Man it felt nice.

*Pot roast for dinner.
{It's become a Sunday tra-dish}.

*Watched my taped episode of Rock Center once the kiddies were in bed.
{I really do love Brian Williams. He's such a likable journalist.}


Onto a week full o' swim lessons and end of the school year festivities.
Summer is so close I can smell it.

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