Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

TWO BOOKS I am reading:

I have LOVED reading this one.
Very uplifting and inspiring.
It's an easy read.
I remember Brad Wilcox speaking at an EFY I attended back in the day.
He is great.

Just BARELY started this one. 
I had been eyeing it for the past few months, each time I went into Deseret Book.
Finally decided to snag two.  One for my mom for Mother's Day and one for myself.
I pretty much love anything that Sheri Dew has a hand in.

TWO things I am 

1.  Celebrating the 4th of July in Prescott with my family.
It's just for one night and it's our only trip planned for the entire summer, but it means....
Cooler temps!
And a cute little town.

2.  Going to Disneyland in September.
I'd pack the kids up right now and take em if I knew it wasn't the most crowded place on earth this summer.
We like to go when it's not busy.
Like.  Not busy at all.
My kids are already talking about which rides they want to ride first.
Joe and I are already talking about which treats we want to eat there first.
{Everything seems to taste a little extra magical there, no?}

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