Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2-fer Tuesday.

2 Shows on the Disney Channel that ABSOLUTLEY DRIVE me BONKERS:

Does the middle daughter annoy anyone else as much as me?

I just can't stand the voices on this darn show.

My kids watch the Disney channel.
A. Lot.
{Don't judge.  It's hotter than Haiti here this summer and it's supposed to get up to 116 by Friday!}

MOST shows on this channel...I really do love.
{Good Luck Charlie anyone?  It's my fave.  With OR without my kids around.}

These two shows though??  I'd be fine never hearing another episode of, in the background.

{Somehow I know every single line to every single show to every single episode from the Disney Channel and I've never even watched an entire episode of any of them. Anyone with me?}


No big shocker here.
I become madly obsessed every season it's on.
This sesason is no exception.
I find myself starting to get giddy with excitement when I realize on Tuesday morning, that it's going to be on that night. 
 {It's the little things in life that excite me, people.
 Doesn't take much.}

Thrifty Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream.
For you East Coasters....it's a west coast ice-cream brand and it's the only thing that even comes NEAR to tasting as good as Baskin and Robbins mint chocolate chip.

It is divine.
And last week when I {almost} had a major meltdown with my kids at bedtime....I stormed outta the house, left things up to Joe and drove 2 miles down the road 
to my local Water n' Ice and got myself a double scoop!

And guess what?
It made everything better.
{Again...please don't judge.  It's summer.  And I needed some 'alone' time.}


  1. marci.. I am SOOO with you, I have a near meltdown nearly every day this week ( it's last week of school here), and grade 1 have field trips every day, and when you are pretty much the only stay at home mom, they expect me to be the supervisor for all of them, except I have kids in grade 3 & pre kinder, who also expect me to be at everything, plus RS stuff, a funeral, a library board meeting, and child who is 'bored' and we havn't even got out of school yet... I would join you with the mint choc chip!!!!

  2. My hubby has finally acknowledged that after 9 seasons (I didn't watch season 1), that SYTYCD takes precedence in the summer. If he doesn't want to watch it, he needs to watch t.v. elsewhere. I'm obsessed. Who are your faves this season?

    1. That is hilarious Ginny! I am the SAME exact way! But what's SO funny is Joe always declares that he can't stand the show...yet...I find him sometimes in the same room with me..PRETENDING to be on his iphone...but secretly watching it. Haha. For sure my faves are Fikshun and his partner. Last night was awesome. Their opening number by Nappy Tabs was the bomb!!


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