Monday, June 10, 2013

Girls Camp Part 1.

Another Girls Camp has come and gone.

I still STRONGLY dislike camping.
{Port o' johns, dirt, bugs and freezing cold temps...BLEH!}

I still STRONGLY love my girls.
{Like.  A lot.}

It's funny how I can dislike something SO much...yet STILL manage to have a fun, spiritual and uplifting experience.  

Girls camp....darn did it again!!

How cute are my girls??!!
Our color was PURPLE and so each day I gave them some sort of PURPLE accessory to wear in their hair. Scored these purple cheetah hats at the Dollar store!

They LOVED washing each other's hair during free time.
Funny how girls that age can be SO SO messy.
{And funny how it bugged me SO SO much.  One thing I learned?
 Just Let-it-Go! 

Grateful for such FUN and I mean FUN leaders up there.
They were the best!

Don't believe me?

How many leaders get their KICKS outta putting on a mask and scaring the girls after bedtime?

Other highlights included:

*The Iron Rod walk
* Evening Devotionals
*Our DARLING youth leaders
* Craft time
*Painting nails
*Braids.  LOTS of hair braiding.
* Hot scones with honey and sugar.
*Endless amounts of hugs.
*Campsite mail.
*Ward chants and cheers.
* Having our 4th years visit on Friday.
*Hearing the girls chit chat.
*Chit Chatting with the leaders.
*Singing the camp song.
*Bishopric night.
*Laying on our hammock, feelin the breeeze.

Good times indeed.
Truly grateful for this experience.

Still to come this week:
Our camping decor, pillow treats and LOTS of free printables!

It's good to be back!


  1. so glad you are back!
    It looked fun, but I am with you... I HATE camping! LOL

  2. You're married to my cuz!!!! (well...3rd cousin or something to that effect!)
    I've been pinning your cow themed activity. absolutely amazing!!!!
    Can I get more details of your Iron Rod Walk from camp?
    Carey Miller

  3. would you mind sharing your ward chants/cheers, skit, and craft ideas for "One Step Closer"? email Thanks!!


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